In Deep With Cryptocurrencies: Cryptos Find Love In NYU 10

In Deep With Cryptocurrencies: Cryptos Find Love In NYU

It’s a new mileage for cryptocurrencies as they find love in class and the New York University leads the charge to include crypto studies as one of its courses. Being a private institution, the NYU conducts non-profit research. However, it has campuses in Shanghai (China) and Abu Dhabi (UAE) where students can earn their degrees. Right now, the NYU is the first ever university to offer crypto-related courses and even allowing students the option to fully major in them.

NYU Is Popular

Indeed, the NYU is one of the most appealing universities to students, and that’s clearly evident from its bulging number of applications received from students who want to join its undergraduate courses. Just recently, the university received over 75,000 applications.

According to Andrew Hinkes, who works as an adjunct professor at the institution, NYU’s Stern School of Business is chiefly focused on getting students ready for successful careers in the crypto market. In that sense, professor Hinkes said that the main aim of the teachings is to help the students understand how exactly the crypto dynamic works, its legal concepts, business concept, as well as how to survive in the constantly moving market.

Although NYU’s Stern School of Business is the first institution of higher learning to embrace crypto courses, others have sought to quickly join in and capitalize on the still young opportunity in offering courses on DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology). In a survey carried out by Qriously (a research firm) and Coinbase (a crypto exchange), 26% of the 675 students contacted expressed willingness in studying a crypto course. The survey also revealed that roughly 42% of the best universities in the world are already teaching crypto-related courses.

Internet 3.0 Is Here

According to Coinbase’s General Manager, Adam White, the current move by educational institutions to embrace crypto-related studies is as a result of the students’ own interest in the subject, adding that these young students view the new blockchain technology as a whole new industry, with Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) representing “internet 3.0.”

In her view, Kathleen DeRose thinks that the new incoming fintech startups will be the ones to introduce new crypto products in the market, with the big companies also playing a role as partners in the campaign for mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. Kathleen works at NYU as an associate professor of finance.

While cryptos seem pretty set for mass adoption, people who graduated years ago are now rushing back to class to gain a deeper understanding of the new technology.