Introducing Ethermium: New DEX crypto exchange

Introducing Ethermium: New DEX crypto exchange

Thanks to the blockchain technology, we are moving towards an economy that does not require third parties to trust in exchange of goods. However, today’s cryptocurrency exchanges are centralized: they are vulnerable to hacking, react poorly to processes associated with the blockchain (for example, hard forks) and are often associated with the risk of regulation by governments. Fortunately, we can recognize the problem, but we can also understand how to tackle it – blockchain project EtherMium tries to meet the obvious needs of the modern community.

EtherMium is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange based on Ethereum, operating with cryptocurrency pairs and ERC-20 based tokens.The main goal of our project is to earn the trust of traders on a global level and become No. 1 trading service.

In order to achieve this goal as soon as possible, we have developed a highly secured platform that provides access with a large list of not only cryptocurrencies based on ERC20 standard, but  the possibility of participating in ICOs.

EtherMium serves only an informational role, while all funds are stored in users’ wallets. In this case

  • Deals occur under the management of a smart contract, directly between the parties.
  • The risk of hacker attacks is minimal because funds are not stored on the exchange.
  • No intermediaries, control and censorship, no one can block accounts or freeze funds.

Our trading platform uses smart-contracts that allow users to manage private keys, and all trades are performed Peer-To-Peer without any intermediation. The user has the ability to sign each of the transactions with his/her private key, and the Exchange performs the transaction on user’s behalf, committing the output of this operation to the Ethereum blockchain. This approach allows users to update their account balances and order books online. Thus, the ease of use of the decentralized exchange does not decrease the security of the system in any way, because no trade executes without the user’s specific signature.

EtherMium operation principle

Like most other decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges, EtherMium is all about smart-contracts.All funds are stored on a smart-contract that can only be accessed and managed by its owners.

Thus, it can be an excellent basis for exchangers, where neither party should trust the other one or intermediary or meet in person for exchange. Everything provides an ordinary contract.

The Ethereum blockchain is used for a reason. There is no physical office or legal entity. Smart contracts are introducing a new concept of “Code as law”, therefore we do not need to be placed in any jurisdiction as our product operates under strict rules defined in current contract, that cannot be changed or interpreted.

Our platform is characterized by the simple and user-friendly interface. After registration and authorization on, you will see whatever is required to trade is right in front of you (your cryptocurrency wallet balance, trading charts, orders, trading pairs and etc.).


In general, all decentralized exchanges operate on the same principle. EtherMium is no exception. Very soon we plan to launch derivatives trading solution for futures that will allow users to trade crypto assets on other blockchains (Bitcoin, Monero, etc.).

This will provide advanced access to professional and novice traders who play to raise or lower their assets. At the same time, the commission for operations will be several times lower in comparison with centralized cryptocurrency exchanges (Bitfinex, Binance, Kraken, Poloniex, etc.) which charge way more fees (up to 2%).

Another advantage is the ability of short ICOs that no one is currently offering. Anyone can release their token and trade one on the exchange. Thanks to the integrated solution for creating and conducting ICOs based on our DEX exchange users will be able to participate in the ICO directly from EtherMium in a decentralized, anonymous and secure way. With complete anonymity, the trader does not need to identify his / her identity for work, security of funds storage and open source code.

Currently, ICOs collect funds from customers through proprietary collection systems that open up the risk of hacks and theft. We offer the opportunity to raise funds through the EtherMium smart-contract, the ICO will be totally secured, as funds cannot be hacked or stolen.

At this stage, the development is being tested in beta to provide its customers with the best user experience.

Trading pairs on EtherMium

As previously noted, the cryptocurrency exchange supports exclusively digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain and ERC-20 based tokens. At this stage, the platform deals in 1093 cryptocurrency assets.

Theoretically, we have no restrictions on the number of assets we can add to the platform. We must  make sure that the platform is adapted to handle the corresponding number in a user-friendly form.

By opening the appropriate website section, you can monitor them, find out their cost and the dynamics of alterations in rates.

Webpage of available trading pairs

EtherMium customer support

The cryptocurrency trading platform interface includes a question-and-answer  chatbox, where users can turn to representatives of customer support and, accordingly, solve a number of problems. We’ll be glad to answer all questions dealing with service operation.

Customer support chatbox

All you have to do is just make a request – a customer support specialist will respond online as soon as possible.

The cryptocurrency community reaction to the new project

EtherMium trading platform appeared not so long ago, so the number of its users is just extending. At the same time, those users who have already tested  the exchange were able to assess its advantages such as:

  1. Lots of trading pairs
  2. Steady operation
  3. Professional customer support
  4. User-friendly interface

In the near future seek to avail yourself of opportunity to conduct ICOs and to launch derivatives trading solution for futures.


EtherMium is a really worthy project that deserves the cryptocurrency community representatives attention.

EtherMium provides users with immense decentralized ecosystem that allows to trade tokens immediately and also will be suggested such options as advanced financial and conduct ICO soon. All of these features will be implemented in one platform, thus saving time for crypto enthusiasts and making it convenient to use the DEX. EtherMium can change the worldview of those users who consider it is difficult to work with decentralized platforms due to fewer trading tools. Join us and enjoy all the benefits of EtherMium right now.