IOTA (MIOTA) Digital CarPass Is On Its Way, Here Are What You Need To Know 10

IOTA (MIOTA) Digital CarPass Is On Its Way, Here Are What You Need To Know

Digital CarPass, a project that Volkswagen and IOTA (MIOTA) are working on is near completion and will soon be unveiled for the public use.

Digital CarPass is a practicable application of IOTA for vehicles telematics data. It gives the vehicle the advantage to tell its story: where it went, what it did and how it was treated. It provides tamper-proof mileage history, and guard against odometer fraud in second hand vehicles. It is like a report sheet for vehicles have distributed ledger to ensure data such as mileage is reliable.

In a publication by Calcalist Tech, Benjamin Sinram, head of blockchain at Volkswagen, said in Tel Aviv, that CarPass will be launched in early 2019.

He spoke on how Volkswagen is exploring distributed ledgers and cryptocurrencies together with groups like Iota and Energy Web Foundation.

He made known that Volkswagen’s vision is also focusing on autonomous cars carrying out transactions on behalf of their owners using cryptocurrency wallets.

“We want to enable our autonomous cars to (provide) services for you and pay autonomously for these services with their own money,”

Sinram’s team is working on an open ledger which can be used to track the supply chain of cars from manufacturer to customer.

They are also working on “charging protocol”. This protocol, however, runs on the Ethereum network.

Earlier in Berlin, the innogy Innovation Hub presented its physical prototypes and its vision for Industry 4.0 in the “Blockchain, Tangle and Beyond”, they made it known that a number of disruptive Industry 4.0 technologies are now about to be unleashed.

Among what they mentioned was the Digital Twins & CarPass, an idea that enables a vehicle to tell its story audibly. The solution according to them provides an auditable and tamper-proof mileage, trips, environmental, and maintenance data and stores them immutable in the digital twin for private passenger, fleet or commercial vehicles.