IOTA (MIOTA) Releases Public Beta Version Of Trinity Desktop Wallet 10

IOTA (MIOTA) Releases Public Beta Version Of Trinity Desktop Wallet

IOTA (MIOTA) Foundation has announced the long expected public beta release of the Trinity Desktop wallet app.

Earlier this year, Iota Foundation released the Trinity Mobile wallet, thereby solving a large number of usability issues of the standard GUI wallet.  Since then, the team behind the idea have been working to achieve a full mobile wallet.

At the moment, the Trinity mobile wallet’s UX has been optimized for desktop. The newly unveiled version deploys neat addition and maintained a familiar flow.

Before release, the app was confirmed secure. Owing to user feedback, the team have developed a new default theme for desktop and mobile, in essence, adding to its many themes.

A statement by IOTA indicated that to get a copy of the beta wallet, IOTA enthusiasts need to visit the Trinity website, where the download link for both desktop and mobile are gotten.

The statement reads: “Trinity Desktop on Windows is signed with the IOTA Foundation code-signing certificate, which needs to have a positive reputation in order to pass the Smart Screen filter. Microsoft establishes the reputation of an application based upon the number of installations worldwide of this application. Since Trinity Desktop has just been released (and therefore its reputation hasn’t yet been established), the Smart Screen will continue to flag the wallet.”

“You can manually check the certificate by right-clicking the application icon and opening “Properties”. Then on the “Digital Signatures” tab, you can find detailed information about the “IOTA Stiftung” signature.”

Now, IOTA is open sourcing all code for the mobile and desktop wallets and the code can be found on Github repo. The team behind the wallet are looking forward to partnering with IOTA’s developer community to improve the wallet further.

Around May, IOTA Foundation announced it has joined the leading Organizations in Consortium to Explore Distributed Ledger Technology for New Mobility Ecosystem.

The consortium features Bosch, Groupe Renault, BMW, Ford, General Motors, ZF, and other mobility and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), forming a new mobility industry organization fostering joint development of DLT standards, pilot projects, and open source software tools.