IOTA’s (MIOTA) IoT Will Disrupt the Tech Industry. 10

IOTA’s (MIOTA) IoT Will Disrupt the Tech Industry.

The wave of IOTA is reaching the technology community with shocks. IOTA, in a very short time is putting enlightenment in the tech industry with innovations that are the state of the art. It is appearing, day by day, that IOTA is the next go-to firm when innovations that may probably stay beyond 21st is needed.

One very interesting and unforgettable scene is that which is happening in Germany now. At the biggest industrial trade shows in the world Hannover Messe, Germany, which is being observed since 1947, world top tech giants, who is who in the tech industry and potential investors in innovation will be listening to the superior aspects of IOTA with ICT giants selling the firm to the audience.

The trade fair, according to available information, received 6,500 exhibitors, 225,000 attendees last years. Attendees came from over 70 countries and over 5.6 million business contracts were facilitated.

The program is to be opened by Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany, and Enrique Peña Nieto, President of Mexico. After this program, there is tendency that IOTA disrupts the tech community sooner than expected.

Who Is Presenting At Hannover?

Virtually, over 10 tech companies including Bosch, DXC, Deutsche Telekom, Accessec GmbH, and Fujitsu are to present IOTA use case of IOTA.  The presentations are going to be inform of enlightenment or seminars for those who are interested in innovations relating to the internet of Things (IoT).

Birth Of More Development!

Although IOTA partnered with Fujitsu not long, but when the news that Dr. Rolf Werner, the head of Central Europe business at Fujitsu is coming down to IOTA surfaced, the tech world as well as the crypto world understand that it is for good. The aftermath is the series of enlightenment to be unveiled in Germany and the recent partnership with Elaad which is now resulting into the production of the world’s first smart charging station where charging and paying is effected in M2M method using the power dished by IOTA.

Aside the fact that the smart charging station is the first of its kind, it will open IOTA to series of use cases as time goes on.

In the future, IOTA will lead the tech industry through series of innovations if it continues in this pace. The sky is not the limit again.