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Is Tron (TRX) Biting Off More Than It Can Chew In Recent Time?

Tron (TRX) –No doubt the crypto globe is a very competitive space where thriving is seen as the survival of the fittest. No crypto coin wants to be left behind, but time and efforts are a major determinant. All are fighting in the name of not wanting to be an underdog for the other.

Among the most prominent coins in the market today is Tron. For sure, Tron is a household name in the crypto sphere, and if mentioned, a deaf man who can lip-read will surely understand. While others see partnership as a colossal thing in the crypto world, the prominent altcoin in the market makes all move to triumph above others by bagging series of developments, improvements and enticements to create awareness beyond the space.

Some Tron’s Completed Projects

Tron, in recent time has successfully initiated some developments. Even though many things have not been fully implemented on the altcoin’s colossal project of the quarter, it has completed the MainNet launch.

On June 26th a day after the MainNet, Tron launched its independence day MainNet. After the MainNet celebration, Tron burnt 49 billion worth TRX token on ERC20 ecosystem after burning 1 billion TRX coin some days before.

Earlier, on June 14, Tron foundation in a tweet aired that it has officially launched its wallet, describing the wallet as “an open source crypto wallet like you never seen before!”

Tron’s Ongoing Developments

The same altcoin that has been through all these is on with its tokens migration from the ERC20 ecosystem due to the MainNet launch.

While for some time, it has been on its Super Representative Election where over 100 candidates will race for 27 positions, and the selected candidates will govern the TRON community.

Meanwhile, even though exchanges like Okex, Houbi Pro, Binance and more have completed Tron’s upgrade for transactions, and many are still on with theirs.

Also, Justin Sun, the owner of Tron, in a tweet stated that the “1,000,000 #TRON (TRX) trading competition is ongoing!”

Conclusively, though improvements has great impacts on coins in the crypto space, some observers have opined that Tron may at the moment may be “biting off more than it can chew”, as the developments seem to be trooping in simultaneously and such may have effect on the coin. In the same vein, the recent fall of the coin from the 10th position was also attributed to diverse attention. However, there is hope that Tron will soon be among the top ten coins, and may possibly be in the 6th position as envisaged by Justin Sun, who is relentlessly paddling the blockchain technology.