John McAfee Will Run for President of the United States in 2020 10
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John McAfee Will Run for President of the United States in 2020

John McAfee is back in the spotlight, and this time not just for crypto enthusiasts. He has announced his determination to run for president of the United States in 2020 and nothing will stop him this time.

If his intentions are true, this would be the second time the well-known businessman has done such a stunt. A previous attempt in 2016 brought John McAfee closer to the world of politics.

Despite the support of the community of crypto enthusiasts on that occasion, John McAfee eventually lost the race for the Libertarian Party nomination to Gary Johnson, Former New Mexico governor. However, on this occasion, John McAfee mentioned that if the party does not support him, he will run independently:

Nothing stops John McAfee, much less when it comes to presenting his controversial views. The nomination would provide him with an ideal platform to expose himself to the public and spread his ideas.

Libertarianism is a movement that brings together several doctrines that go from left to right wing but have one element in common: Skepticism about the existence of a central authority:

“Left-libertarian ideologies seek to abolish capitalism and private ownership of the means of production, or else to restrict their purview or effects, in favor of common or cooperative ownership and management, viewing private property as a barrier to freedom and liberty. In contrast, modern right-libertarian ideologies, such as minarchism and anarcho-capitalism, instead advocate laissez-faire capitalism and strong private property rights, such as in land, infrastructure and natural resources.”

source: wikipedia

Several libertarians promote the use of cryptocurrency as it represents an opportunity to transcend the limitations and controls of centralizing bodies such as the banking and government.

John McAfee is aware that his run for president of the United States in 2020 does not represent a real opportunity against the Democratic and Republican parties which – ironically for a libertarian – have monopolized presidencies since 1869.

According to his words, over and above power, his primary motivation is the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies to decentralize finances. He expects his presidential bid to “be the tinder that ignites the blaze of Crypto across the planet.”

No Fear To Express His Opinions

McAfee’s candidacy has already been well received in the world of crypto enthusiasts. Within the famous “memes war” that he is currently promoting, users have created several designs to support him:

Mr. McAfee is a strong advocate of decentralization. in 2017, he confronted Jamie Dimond after he called Bitcoin a “Fraud.”

“You called bitcoin a fraud,” McAfee told CNBC. “I’m a bitcoin miner. We create bitcoins. It costs over $1,000 per coin to create a bitcoin. What does it cost to create a U.S. dollar? Which one is the fraud? Because it costs whatever the paper costs, but it costs me and other miners over $1,000 per coin. It’s called proof of work.”

McAfee’s straightforward speech makes him loved or hated, but he surely never leaves anyone indifferent. His decision to run for president of the United States in 2020 could open the doors of the crypto world to a public that generally looks at it with skepticism due to the natural habit of using FIAT money.