Justin Sun States 7 Reasons Tron (TRX) Supersedes Ethereum (ETH) 10

Justin Sun States 7 Reasons Tron (TRX) Supersedes Ethereum (ETH)

Added to the fact that Tron (TRX) earlier stated during the preparation for the MainNet launch that it will become a stack competitor to Ethereum, the founder of Tron, Justin Sun today in a tweet taunted that Tron is a better competitor to Ethereum based on seven vital reasons.

“Why #TRON is better than #ETH: 1. 2000TPS vs. 25TPS 2. Popular sovereignty of token vs. Authoritarian rules 3. 100M Dapp users vs. Thousands 4. None fees vs. High fees 5. Coin burn vs. No coin burn 6. $2B bonus vs. Zero 7. High scalability vs Poor scalability #TRX $TRX,” Justin Sun averred.

Elucidating further on each of the points, Justin Sun mentioned some important points:

Transaction Speed.

On the scale of transaction speed, Tron was highly praised by its founder, as it possess the power to execute about 2000 transactions per second. While Ethereum is far way behind, with only 25 transactions per second, a number that cannot challenge Tron’s in all ramification.

Community Governance.

Tron is being regarded as a cryptocurrency that utilizes “Popular sovereignty of token” in dealing with community power, meanwhile, Ethereum uses “Authoritarian rules”. Owing to the Super Representative Election Idea flaunted by Tron, analysts have inferred that the cryptocoin is working towards full decentralization for deciding to return power to the community.

Number Of DApp Users

In this section, according to the tweet, Tron was classified as a heavy weight champion because it has nearly 100 million dApp users, and it is planning to extend it by the third quarter of the year. Contrarily, Ethereum’s stand to display only thousands of users.

Transaction Fee

While many are embracing cryptocurrency as a financial tool that charges less for transactions, Tron has taken the lead in this area ahead of Ethereum, its tool, according to the statement charges low cost while Ethereum bills a huge amount.


When it rolls down to coinburn, Tron possesses coinburn for creating digital assets, transferring of token to new account and more, however, Ethereum has no coinburn.


Justin Sun in the tweet teased that Tron earmarked 2billion dollars as a bonus reward for developers, an amount that is good enough to entice and attract people. But Ethereum has not allocated any amount as bonus for developers.


Lastly, in the areas of scalability, Tron cannot be compared to Ethereum due to the level of sophistication of the altcoin. Ethereum, has very poor scalability, while Tron scalability level is very high.

Despite the fact that Ethereum is the world second largest altcoin, and that it is being backed and funded by big personalities, many have been of the opinion that the altcoin leverages hegemonic power on projects on its ERC20 ecosystem.

Examining the worth and sovereignty of Tron especially as an entity on Ethereum network, observer have opined the altcoin can stand on its own when it migrates to its self-developed ecosystem, and that everything needed for the altcoin to thrive are already in place.