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Kraken Cryptocurrency Exchange Back in Action – Put Your Bets!

The Kraken has come back. The cryptocurrency exchange has returned online today – Jan 13 at 11:30 UCT, following more than 48-hours of delay.

The plans were that the exchange would go offline at around 5 UTC on Jan 11 and be on a two-hour long upgrading pause. However, the offline time was increase to more than two days, the firm updated their pages letting users know of the progress and explaining a bug that was found.

Kraken users had already been unhappy with the crypto exchange before the upgrade delay, citing difficulties placing exchanges and frequent connection errors on the site.

The highlight or lowlight of the time offline was Kraken’s update on Jan. 12, 3:46 UTC that they had sent their engineers home to rest rather than launching immediately.

“We are close but rather than launch immediately ahead of the team passing out; we will push off a bit to get some rest and be able to better monitor systems and react to problems following launch. Unfortunately, this means several more hours of delay.”

Now, on both Twitter and their site – Kraken announced that with them returning online, unleveraged trading will be free until the end of the month. The exchange site was working normally, however trading as a function was paused for many harous dute to problems displaying order book data. Additionally, several other exchanges including LunoBitfinex, and Bitstamp experienced delays or went offline for maintenance in December after an influx of new cryptocurrency users inspired by the rising price of Bitcoin (BTC) exponentially increased the volume of traffic.