Lambda Debuts First Ever Blockchain Open-Source PoST Algorithm on GitHub 10

Lambda Debuts First Ever Blockchain Open-Source PoST Algorithm on GitHub

Lambda recently unveiled its transparent Proof-of-Space-Time (PoST) protocol with high-speed verification capabilities, repetition computation, and streamlined proofs. It is reportedly the first ever blockchain open source PoST algorithm available to developers on GitHub – the popular software development platform.

Lambda PoST Algorithm

In a press release issued on Tuesday (November 27, 2018), Lambda announced the launch of its PoST protocol which is available to developers around the world on GitHub. The Lambda PoST algorithm ensures streamlined project development and continuously random challenges on the blockchain via validator nodes.

Commenting on the launch of the Lambda PoST protocol, the company’s co-founder and CMO, Lucy Wang, said:

The PoST algorithm is a testament to our ingenuity and dedication to the Lambda project as our team of expert computer scientists utilize top technology innovations to continually improve data integrity proof processing on the blockchain. We are proud to have developed and now share the first-ever open source PoST algorithm with the developer community on GitHub and look forward to creating new ideas and research for distributed blockchain storage in the future.

According to the announcement, interested developers can access the Lambda PoST protocol on GitHub.

Revolutionizing the Decentralized Data Storage Arena

Lambda Debuts First Ever Blockchain Open-Source PoST Algorithm on GitHub 11

PoST is a consensus algorithm for decentralized networks that enables communication between a storage provider and a verifier. The protocol allows a storage provider to inform a verifier of the details of file storage based on location and duration.

The way the system works is that the storage provide generates valid PoST, complete with unique attributes to obtain rewards for storing the data. In a Medium article published by Lambda, the company outlined some of the advanced features of its algorithm.

According to Lambda, its PoST algorithm offers several advantages over other decentralized file storage projects. For the company, the focus is firmly on ensuring that its protocol remains agile, iterative, and easy to use without becoming bogged down by technical issues that affect the development cycle.

Earlier in the year, Ethereum World News reported that Lambda was one of the seven projects involved in the partnership with Bluehill – a blockchain technology incubator firm with a focus on dApp development within the IOST ecosystem. As part of the collaboration, the consortium hopes to develop blockchain-based solutions for content distribution, payment processing protocols, as well as, cybersecurity.

Image courtesy Shutterstock and Lambda.