Largest Blockchain Center In Asia Launched By NEM (XEM) 10

Largest Blockchain Center In Asia Launched By NEM (XEM)

So many hardly talked about cryptocurrencies are doing fantastic in areas of blockchain orientation and re-orientation. One of these digital coins is NEM (XEM).

Yesterday, NEM Malaysia kickstarted its largest blockchain Center in Asia, stating afterward that it has said set aside roughly RMS500,000 (around $120,000) for blockchain projects in the country.

The center is going to be a base for incubating and accelerating startups and firms who needs information and expertise on blockchain technology and NEM integration in the region.

According to The Malaysian Reserve, who spoke with the country director, Stephen Chia, it was reported not many people understand everything about blockchain technology in the country, let alone of the world.

According to Stephen, “There is not enough understanding and (not enough) people who know how to use the technology to build up solutions for companies to solve some of the world’s problems.”

The country lead inferred that there is no adequate awareness on blockchain technology in universities and other schools where young people can have detailed understanding of the trend.

“I think the mindset still remains the biggest challenge. For example, people may think it is complicated because of the buzzwords or more specific terms that are used.

“Today, more and more corporate companies are beginning to venture into this technology, simply because they have clients who request for it,” Chia maintained.

He also stated that the country section has set aside about RM500,000 for the continuous education for university students, with future plan of conducting an entrepreneurial incubation programme for companies that want guidance on the use of blockchain technology in the country.

Over RM2,000,000 was invested into the center, which has 12 incubator offices, with companies coming in for training on blockchain. What began NEM’s success in Malaysia was its partnership with Malaysia Digital Economy Corp (MDEC).

NEM In the Market

Today, NEM has seen green light, increasing by 2.28% according to coinmarketcap, and a market capitalization of $1,752,696,000. XEM has a price worth of $0.194744 with a 24 hours market supply of $24,772,300. The cryptocoin is ranked 16th in the market staying atop of coins like VeCHain, Omisego, Qtum and many others.