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Ledger Releases Blog Post Detailing New Apps

It has been known for a long time that Ledger’s apps need improvement and are plain-old confusing. Today, they released a blog post detailing a new, all-in-one application that will allow Nano S and Blue users easier access to their funds.

The new application will empower users to access all supported wallets from one window and will include a friendly dashboard display. The application will include all standard features such as send and receive options and on device address verification. This is a huge upgrade from the existing user experience, while keeping the security features we all know and love from Ledger.

ledger dashboard


Ledger also announced that they are working on mobile applications and 3rd party integration. The mobile apps will be available on both iOS and Android. Other planned features that Ledger will implement in the desktop app and mobile apps, although not immediately, include: ERC-20 and contract management, and “install/uninstall” smoothly in background (for apps on hardware wallet).


On top of this, they announced that they are going to work closer with 3rd parties to allow for easier integration, such as with exchanges. Their goal is to have hundreds of currencies supported. While all the details haven’t been relayed to the public yet, it is clear that Ledger has a plan to achieve all of their goals.

ledger wallet mobile

While this may not seem significant to members of the community who do not use Ledger products, it is another case of cryptocurrencies becoming more and more user-friendly to the average Joe. The easier it is to maintain maximum security and usability, the faster mainstream adoption will come.

Ledger is expecting to release the new desktop wallet and manager in Q2 2018. The mobile wallets will then be “focused on” in Q3, but no specific date was given as to when they would be released. Stay tuned for our hands-on review of the applications and features as they become available.

Click here to check out Ledger’s blog post for yourself.