Legendary Artist Soulja Boy Enters Crypto World With "Bitcoin" Rap 10

Legendary Artist Soulja Boy Enters Crypto World With “Bitcoin” Rap

Soulja Boy Hops Onto Bitcoin Bandwagon With A Track

“Watch him crank it, watch him roll,” claimed crypto investors, as Soulja Boy, a world-renowned, critically-acclaimed American artist, dropped a track on cryptocurrencies, arguably one of the hottest trends of the past two years. Taking to Twitter on Tuesday night, the Chicago-based artist released “Young Drako”, an album of his that has reportedly been in the works for months, if not years.

While many of his fans liked the album as it was, cryptocurrency proponents were given a nice surprise, as Soulja, who gained a sort-of cult following for the “Crank That” track, released a piece that was titled “Bitcoin,” no more no less. Although many initially assumed that the track was created in a bid to diss the nascent crypto market, as seen by the lyrics compiled by Genius, this is far from the case.

Soulja, born as DeAndre, opened off his track by expressing that he “made 100 racks ($100k) off of Bitcoin” in the chorus, dropping a series of lines that expressed his apparent affiliation with the cryptocurrency that many have come to love over the past decade. Speaking to those of the ‘Lambo culture’, DeAndre went on to draw attention to exotic cars, which he dubs “foreigns,” alluding to the fact that the money he gained through cryptocurrencies was the catalyst that sparked a relationship with his “baby girl.”

Interestingly enough, he seemingly referenced Square’s Cash App, adding that he’s “watching his bands (another colloquial term for $1,000) stack through Paypal or the Cash App.” The American artist also made a brief mention of Litecoin and the 24/7 nature of the crypto market, adding that he “wakes up in the morning to count his funds,” which became a common thread of discussion in crypto circles during 2017’s monumental run-up.

However, while it would be fun to believe that this track is an accurate representation of Soulja’s life, it is likely that the lyrics used were to describe a hypothetical scenario to further his artistic narrative. But one thing’s for sure, Soulja Boy knows what Bitcoin is, and has some understanding (albeit slight) of this up and coming technology.

This isn’t the first time that artists, specifically rappers and hip-hop musicians, have shown interest in this budding market. On August 30th, Eminem, widely regarded as the Greatest (rapper) Of All Time, dropped his Kamikaze album, which featured a variety of his fellow artists and prominent signers and producers. In the track, Not Alike, Royce Da 5’9′, the rapper featured by Eminem, made mention of Bitcoin in one line.

Forbes reporters claimed that this reference, while small, brings legitimacy to the theory that cryptocurrencies have begun to infiltrate the pop culture of today. The reporters wrote:

“The mention on Eminem’s album is significant however as it suggests not a get rich quick scheme nor a way to sell illicit goods online, but rather something that “everybody [is] doing” — that it’s as common as knowing you bite the metal coin to test its quality.”

While the market didn’t react to the track, as many would assume, the two aforementioned appearances of ‘digital gold’ in the songs of popular artists goes to show that this innovation is starting to permeate across the globe.

Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash