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Litecoin (LTC) and TenX To Launch Co-Branded Card

The Crypto rally in the markets continues to be strong with the King of Crypto, Bitcoin (BTC), trading at an impressive $8,753 at the moment of writing this. Ethereum (ETH) is still going strong at the number 2 spot and valued at $589. Ripple (XRP) is still aiming for the $1 mark with continual flirtations with $0.90 and currently trading at $0.867. With respect to our beloved Litecoin (LTC), it has been edged out once again from the number 5 spot by EOS. Both are valued at $145 and $10.67 respectively.

But all is not lost with Litecoin (LTC). Less than two weeks ago, the Litecoin foundation and TenX annnounced that they have been working on what can only be termed as a godsend for Litecoin. They had managed to keep the news secret up until now.

Firstly, the TenX wallet now supports LTC on both Android and iOS. Secondly, the two organizations are working towards introducing a co-branded card according to an announcement on the TenX blog. They say:

“We are also excited to announce a new partnership; we have reached out to, and are working with the Litecoin Foundation to introduce a co-branded card for which more information will be available soon. We hope to become the preferred payment platform for fans and owners of Litecoin, and cannot wait to see you use our wallet and join the revolution!”

This reiterates a theory that was postulated by Ethereum World News that Litecoin was not dead despite not launching Litepay earlier in the year and eventually cancelling the project.

But the Litecoin project is still alive and LTC is still a viable coin for major profits this year. The TenX news adds to earlier news of Abra picking Litecoin as their primary asset moving forward for the company’s smart contract investing solution.

What remains to be seen, is how long it will take for the momentum of Litecoin to peak up again for the coin and project still shows some promise in the crypto-verse. Earlier internet speculation had put LTC at a value of $1,000 by the end of the year. Perhaps it is time to sit back and wait for these predictions to materialize.