Litecoin (LTC) Confirms TokenPay Partnership On Acquiring German Bank, Debit Card 10

Litecoin (LTC) Confirms TokenPay Partnership On Acquiring German Bank, Debit Card

The discussion that ensued between the CEO of TokenPay and that of Litecoin on the acquisition of a Bank in Germany and the production LTC debit card, which later ended in a tet-a-tet between the two CEOs has actually been confirmed to be true.

During the unveiling of Verge’s secrete partnership, Litecoin CEO, Charlee Lie disparaged Verge for saying it will coast the cryptocurrency market after the partnership. However, he was countered by the CEO of TokenPay, Derek Capo, who questioned Lee for not investing in Verge’s crowdfunding, but complaining of the partnership.

The conversation went on between the two, until they both came to terms to discuss privately on the acquisition of a German bank and production of Litecoin debit card.

“1. If tokenpay did not donate the deal does not happen. 2. tokenpay has a partnership with vergecurrency for our banking solution (we are buying bank in Germany). 3. More partnerships between crypto is important. TokenPay also benefits in helping large community, etc.”

“No problem, so when do you want to talk about a REAL debit card solution (for Litecoin)? We are buying 9.9% of a bank in Munich with option to buy 90%. We have a whole ecosystem and plan in place. Let me know how we can work together. The battle between old and new world is just getting started”

“They key to making this all work is ecosystems, partnerships and constant communication with regulators. Buying a bank in Germany gets us a seat at regulator table, key to educating governments. As for LTC we can add to our bank, debit card, gift cards etc.”

“Thanks. Let me know if there’s anything I or the Litecoin Foundation can do to help,” Charlee replied.

However, TokenPay had previously confirmed the partnership in a tweet, saying a non disclosure agreement has been signed. It did not further state if anything is being discussed on the German Bank.

“TokenPay CEO derekcapo Interview with Sean Davis. THE TPAY ECOSYSTEM EXPLAINED. XVG Deal LTC NDA Signed”

While the agreement may not be clear, Charlee in a message to Finance Magnates, Lee confirmed revealed that Litecoin is “exploring” the idea.

Litecoin is serious about having a debit car. The cryptocoin just partnered with Wirex, and a debit card is about to be unveiled after their partnership. Tenx, also partnered with the cryptocoin on the same development.