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Litecoin (LTC) Founder To Leave For the Better of Decentralization – Litecoin Payment Support

For the last 24-hours, the pair LTC/USD is the highest gainer in the top-ten group of leading coins with 4.71 percent in the green pushing the value reach $168.64 upon entering the weekend.



Source: coinmarketcap

As it seems now, in the next couple of hours or day Litecoin token value will run for a retest of the $170.00 to close above successfully which marks an important level to clear as it tanked the last time the coin when the market was going for a reverse in short-term losses.

Despite the fact that for some time now other altcoins have taken center stage and highlight time on a daily basis, there is still much to look forward when it comes to Litecoin and as a holder of the token. Various firms are going towards Litecoin, mainly for its cheaper and faster transactions. A recent $99 million Litecoin transaction was completed for a fee of just $0.40, which is very different from what most people are currently familiar with.

Wirex, one of the companies that still delivers crypto-debit card services, just recently declared that Litecoin support has been added. Firms like the just-mentioned to stay on the race need to keep their radar-On for coins that are moving forward and enable their support.

On the same path, one of the largest retail shops in the Czech Republic – Alza has enabled payment support for Litecoin [LTC payment option]. Despite that it is yet to be seen if the development has any impact in the price, it is very interesting to know that Litecoin is making inroads as a payment option in various places in global-scale.

There were many rumors floating around that the very respected Litecoin founder – Charlie Lee, will be leaving his own cryptocurrency, which topic was even brought up as a question by one of his followers. Charlie Lee replied very short adding that he will be leaving Litecoin, with the reason that Litecoin will not become fully-decentralized status as long as he is on the head of it. Which means that him leaving could open gates for the cryptocurrency to become even more decentralized, which originally showcases the idea and fuel running the enthusiasm around blockchain tech.

But stay at ease, the leaving will not happen any time soon as Mr. Lee mentioned during the conversation that it will not be today or tomorrow signaling that the parting-event could take place in the very long term.