Mass Adoption Campaign Yielding, Cable Company Declares Support For Verge (XVG) 10

Mass Adoption Campaign Yielding, Cable Company Declares Support For Verge (XVG)

It is not over for Verge (XVG) as many have thought in the past when the cryptocurrency witnessed series of attacks within and outside the blockchain community. Observers painted Verge different obscene names with claim the altcoin is a big scam waiting to move into nothing else.

However, Verge team keeps on bringing in new developments especially when it invented the mass adoption campaign.

At the moment, Verge has partnered with Panchanko, a company that designs and produces high-end audio cables. The company is known in the music industry for its efforts in producing well-refined audio cables.

Miheal, one of Verge Currency’s core team member, who tweeted about the development said:

This day keeps getting better! A third vendor today has joined the #VergeFam! now accepts @vergecurrency as payment! It’s a company that makes audio cables, well known in the industry. @GirandCHANKING thank you for the support! $XVG #XVG #massadoption.

The company produces USB cables that reveal details of music, making the sound come out naturally with the highest resolution and without any coloration.

Panchanko, is owned by African-born Girand Chan King, whose love for music started at age 8, becoming a self-taught pianist at a tender age. He finished the graduate school as a computer engineer and left Madagascar for La Réunion Island where he explored on how to produce high-end audio cables.

Evolution-Host Adopts XVG.

Evolution Host, a premium VPS Hosting provider now accepts XVG. The host platform which specializes in in game servers, IRCds and mIRC Bot Hosting has been at the fore of developing hosting industry by meeting the needs of its customers with low cost and outstanding services.

Verge tweeted on the latest support:

#VergeFam Check out @EvoHostin –  now accepts $XVG #Vergecurrency via @CoinPaymentsNET and offers premium quality #vps, #vnc #gamingserver and #ircd #hosting for as low as 5$.

This development among others will make XVG one of the most widely accepted coins in the tech industry. There is hope that in the nearest future, Verge will be sealing more collaborations to make the cryptocoin stand out.