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John McAfee Predicts Bitcoin (BTC) Will Reach 15k by June

John McAfee makes another of his famous predictions, this time adventuring on a one-month time analysis for several events, including the behavior of various cryptocurrencies.

In a tweet published on May 24, he mentioned that although his specialty is long-term predictions, this was a special occasion:

Previously, McAfee became famous in the world of cryptocurrency for ensuring that by 2020 the price of BTC would reach one million dollars.

John McAfee is also known in the world of blockchain as an important influencer and heavy supporter of global adoption of cryptomoney.

Such is his reputation within the community that despite charging $105,000 per tweet to talk about a crypto, customers have not ceased and his followers remain attentive to their comments.

It is also important to note that many of the cryptos that he promotes have gone on a bullish spree, confirming his predictions.

In fact, according to his own statements, McAfee uses a number of algorithms that have not been wrong to date, so he remains confident that the results will be consistent with what was disclosed.

John McAfee remains bullish on bitcoin in the short term, his 15k prediction for the end of the month seems to go against some technical indicators.

Other notable predictions point towards a growth of more than 300% in some important altcoins like Golem and Eos, as well as a similar growth in other cryptos with a lower market cap like Bitcoin private, Docademic and Bezop.

Another of the controversial predictions he presented included President Trump’s agenda of meetings in Asia, with dates for diplomatic activities with North Korea and the creation of a Gold-Backed US currency with Japan.

John McAfee Joins the Privacy Movement

Mr. McAfee has decided to become an active participant in the privacy advocacy community. As an influential technologist, he has always found this topic particularly interesting.

On May 24, he posted a Twitter poll asking his followers whether they wanted him to lead a privacy-oriented movement. 70% said yes

The future initiatives of Mr. McAfee are unknown. However, he opened a website where users can sign a currency independence statement on the blockchain:

According to some websites that project the mathematical behavior of McAfee’s 2020 prediction, a 15k value by late June is even more ambitious than the expected target needed for reaching the million dollars with sustained growth.

John McAfee Predicts Bitcoin (BTC) Will Reach 15k by June 10

However, It is interesting to note that the line of the McAfee prediction has been most of the time lower than the actual prices, and in many ocassions it has served as an important support for prices