NANO (XRB) Regains Confidence, Prepares For Ledger Hardware Wallets 10

NANO (XRB) Regains Confidence, Prepares For Ledger Hardware Wallets

The worst appeared to have happened to the cryptocurrency community this year. Now, digital coins are gaining ground and trying to outrun each other. This is also the case of NANO (XRB), the cryptocoin is now trying to regain its strength, confidence, and get attention like it did in the past.

One very major incident that nearly took NANO’s feet off the ground was the $150 million massive BitGrail hack of April 8, and recently the new class lawsuit action spearheaded by Silver Miller, a blockchain investor law firm situated in America, in the name of the affected users. The hack was defended by NANO, and the team levied the fault wholly on BitGrail. During this turbulence period, the price of NANO fell to $4.15, but now, NANO is trying to get back on track with latest development coming in day by day.

NANO (XRB) Releases New Version

NANO, in a bid to make more development, has announced the release of its new version dubbed Version 12.1.

Version 12.1 Released:— Nano (@nanocurrency) April 21, 2018

NANO Hardward Wallet.

In the same line, XRB may soon be added to Ledger Hardware Wallet since the team has submitted the asset for review. This was related by some crypto platform.

Aware Of Milestone 12.

The long lasting solutions that NANO is trying to proffer is to analysts a necessary one. NANO, after many observers, including the BitGrail team, advised that the digital coin undergo hardfork, decided to check into its codes and see if there is anything to change. Shortly afterward, NANO team now released a major update called ‘Milestone 12’, purposely to reinvent in the mind of crypto enthusiasts that the coin is coming back.

The updates, precedes NANO 12.1, which is a patch of NANO 12, and it is packed with enormous number of improvements. With the new updates, NANO has the potential to be secured from hackers, and appear cleaner than it was in the past. The cryptocoin is now on the green line. Now NANO trades at $7.39, has a market cap of $984,306,445USD, a sign it is on for a bull run. Soon, NANO will reach $10, but only time will tell.