NASA Begins Research On Ethereum Blockchain Technology 10

NASA Begins Research On Ethereum Blockchain Technology

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and Researcher at the University of Akron (UA) are researching on using Ethereum Blockchain Technology to enhance space communications and navigation.

A statement by the university revealed that  Dr. Jin Wei Kocsis, assistant professor of electrical and computer engineering, received a three-year, $330,000 Early Career Faculty grant from NASA to lead a research on “Resilient Networking and Computing Paradigm (RNCP)” using the blockchain technology behind “smart contracts”.

“In this project, the Ethereum blockchain technology will be exploited to develop a decentralized, secure, and cognitive networking and computing infrastructure for deep space exploration,” the university don made known. “The blockchain consensus protocols will be further explored to improve the resilience of the infrastructure.”

“I hope to develop technology that can recognize environmental threats and avoid them, as well as complete a number of tasks automatically,” she adds.

According to Wei, the technology, if researched deeply, will give room to spacecraft to achieve more tasks and collect more data, at the same it will give scientists the opportunity to respond to environmental threats.

She, however, thank NASA for recognizing her efforts and for tendering unflinching support on her research.

Commenting on the research, Thomas Kacpura, advanced communications program manager at NASA’s Glenn Research Center, says the research is the first of its kind in NASA circle, and that in the past, the space administrator did not research on using blockchain technology to enhance space communications and navigation.

He revealed that the research “the effort would support decentralized processing among NASA space network nodes in a secure fashion, resulting in a more responsive, resilient scalable network that can integrate current and future networks in a consistent manner.”

“It is expected that the potential is high to contribute to the next generation space networks, and also allow tech transition of these algorithms for commercial systems,” he added.

Ethereum is gaining more ground day by day, the blockchain technology is receiving supports from far and wide. Hopefully, Ethereum may become the 21st century smart contracting platform going by its recent regards and collaborations.