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Nasdaq to Offer BTC Futures in 2018: Future is looking Good

Following Cboe Global Market Inc. and CME Group Inc. – Nasdaq INC. is planning to enable Bitcoin futures in 2018 on its own platform.

The information is coming from a report in The Wall Street Journal. Sources with knowledge of Nasdaq’s impending maneuver into institutionalized bitcoin speculation drew up the green flag that Nasdaq will be listing the above mentioned futures on its NFX exchange by the end of the third quarter of 2018.

Nasdaq on the case is trying to show great attention to detail and provide services than the other Groups in the subject for example.

That’s because the Nasdaq’s planned BTC futures will be based on 50 indexes — not the four that the CME’s coming futures will be based on. To this end, Nasdaq’s bitcoin futures will be more robust and in tune with markets.

This move into the crypto ecosystem goes against CEO Adena Friedman’s recent October 2017 comments, wherein she said the exchange “doesn’t tend to get engaged in the bleeding edge” — with the “bleeding edge” here being the cryptocurrency space in general.

Now, being very diplomatic while caught in the middle – Friedman gave a response to the latest report:

“I would just say that we have been having active dialogue with a lot of clients and with partners about what might be possible over time … [We’re looking at] the future. That allows for hedging and other trading strategies, and there is also the ETF (exchange traded fund).”

With this it is very well understood that the second largest stock exchange in the globe is keeping an open eye towards different options.

Once these NFX bitcoin futures materialize, it will be an incredibly legitimizing and stabilizing force for Bitcoin as a whole.