Nebulas (NAS) Wants To Reward You For Referrals Through Its NEW Super Contributors Program 10

Nebulas (NAS) Wants To Reward You For Referrals Through Its NEW Super Contributors Program

The Nebulas (NAS) project wants to reward you through an extension of its currently running Incentive Program. This new offshoot of the Incentive Program is known as the Super Contributor incentive. With this new Super Contributor initiative, community members will be rewarded in NAS for inviting more people to join the Nebulas ecosystem. The new users include both developers and non-developers on the platform.

With Super Contributors, the top 20 accounts with the most invites that result in new users signing up to the ecosystem, will become Super Contributors. They will share a reward of 10,000 NAS per week (valued at $66,500 using current values of NAS) and get to vote on the best Decentralized Applications on the platform through the Nebulas Initiative Program.

So how does the underlying Nebulas Initiative Program work?

The initiative program has two goals, to get more developers building DApps on the platform and to encourage community member participation by rewarding them each time they refer a developer to the platform. The program is worth $5 Million in rewards and has been running since May 7th. It will end on the 2nd of July this year.

The developer rewards system works as follows:

  • 100 NAS to the developer for every valid DApp submitted
  • Submitted DApps are in turn re-awarded each week
  • 10,000 NAS for a 1st place finish each week
  • 5,000 NAS for a 2nd place finish each week
  • 3,000 NAS for a 3rd place finish each week
  • 300 NAS for 20 winners of the Excellence Award per week
  • 20,000 NAS for a Monthly Winner

The referral program works as follows:

  • 40 NAS for each successful referral
  • 20% commission based on the developer’s reward if the entry wins any prize mentioned above
  • 10,000 NAS for a 1st place referral champion per month
  • 2,500 NAS for a 2nd place referral champion per month
  • 1,000 NAS for a 3rd place referral champion per month

What is Nebulas (NAS)?

Nebulas is a new generation of public blockchain and dedicated to building a collaborative ecosystem with sustainable upgrading, and its mainnet was launched on March 30th, 2018. Nebulas features an original blockchain value discovery system, forward-looking incentive and consensus mechanisms, and the ability to avoid hard forks through self-evolution.

The platform has been compared to being the ‘Google App’ on the blockchain for it hopes to host and rank DApps on its platform for its users to decide on the best pick. Nebulas selects outstanding DApps according to its algorithm and the now active Super Contributor voting. The algorithm also measures the importance of each user and smart contract on the platform.

Current market analysis indicate that Nebulas (NAS) is trading at $6.65 at the moment of writing this. The token has dropped 4.73% in the last 24 hours amidst a relatively stable Bitcoin that is trading at current levels of $7,589. All fingers are crossed that these levels are maintained throughout the coming weekend.

Further investigation of the NAS token value in the crypto-markets indicate that the token has peaked three times this year. The first two were in January and to levels of $14.81 and $13.31 respectively. The most recent peak value was seen on May 3rd when the token was valued at $11.85.

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