NEM (XEM) Invests $100 Million AUD In Blockchain Hubs In Australia And New Zealand 10

NEM (XEM) Invests $100 Million AUD In Blockchain Hubs In Australia And New Zealand

After launching the Largest Blockchain Center In Asia, NEM (XEM), a blockchain technology that delivers industry-leading transaction rates for internal ledgers, has in the same month announced it is launched two blockchain hubs in Australia And New Zealand with a whooping sum of $100 Million AUD.

The news is contained in a post on NEM’s medium page where it was revealed that NEM launched two Blockchain Hubs in Australia and New Zealand purposely to increase awareness on blockchain technology.

The announcement made known that at each of the hubs, a dedicated NEM representative will be made available for enlightenment of the public on fundamental blockchain and Cryptocurrencies information.

The hubs will also be supporting startups and larger enterprises that have interest in the adoption of blockchain technology for their business.

While the Australian hub is cited at The Precinct in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, the New Zealand’s will be at Westport, and each hub will host activities like workshops, hackathons and forums throughout the year.

According to the release, the hub at Brisbane, Australia is hosted by TravelByBit, whereas CerebralFix Group, a leading games developing company that has alliance with Disney and DreamWorks, hosted the New Zealand hub.

Before now, both companies had affiliation with NEM. TravelByBit is a company funded by NEM, stirring up a project where digital currency will be spent by tourist in Australia. The company now allows travelers to settle payment with digital currency at Brisbane Airport without any hassle.

Similarly, CerebralFix Group will be enjoying the advantage of the hub, for incubation of its project as it recently developed a ‘MatchNEM’ game.

The Expansion Director for NEM foundation Australia and New Zealand, Jason Lee, in his statement mentioned that the latest development was initiated in a bid to impact blockchain knowledge into people, businesses and likewise attract developers, startup and more into the exploration of NEM blockchain technology.

NEM At A Glance

NEM is one of the blockchain platform that cannot be rubbished, today. Aside the fact that NEM is a trusted crypto, it as well has numerous enterprise use cases which makes it stand out.

The platform offers financial services companies the opportunity to use NEM for instant payments and transfers to any destination in the world.

It has a technology that can seamlessly relate between public and private blockchains. In this wise, either currency or tokens or files can be transferred via the network.

In the same line, NEM’s Smart Asset System gives room for any firm to launch its own tokens or cryptocurrency without prior knowledge of programming.

Also, the platform offers mobile payment, escrow and offers firms the opportunity to launch their own Paypal-like platform, among other things.