NEO's Devcon 2019 in Seattle Is Only 3 Weeks Away 10

NEO’s Devcon 2019 in Seattle Is Only 3 Weeks Away

The team at Neo (NEO) has partnered with numerous media companies to organize the NEO DevCon 2019 summit that will be hosted in Seattle, Washington. The event will take place on the 16th and 17th of February; which is exactly three weeks away. The Summit is meant to bring together developers, DApp creators and industry leaders from various industries to share ideas on the current and future progress of the industry.

The venue of the event will be,

The Hyatt Regency Seattle

808 Howell Street, Seattle, Washington, 98101.

NEO To Make Announcements and Provide a New Roadmap

The Agenda of the DevCon includes discussions in the topics of a smart economy, the future of NEO, blockchain application in the Internet of Things, decentalization and more. The team at NEO has promised to make important announcements as well us provide an updated Roadmap of the project. The team states the following.

At the conference, NEO Foundation and its subsidiaries will announce roadmap and plans for the future. Industry experts from top tech companies and leading scholars will share their insights on “decentralization”, “Layer 2” , “distributed storage” and other blockchain-related frontier topics.

Speakers at the Event

The NEO Devcon website has gone ahead and provided the following list of influential individuals in technology, blockchain and business, as guest speakers at the event.

  • Da Hongfei – Founder, NEO
  • Erik Zhang – Founder, NEO
  • Zhao Chen – General Manager, NGD
  • Drew Gude – Managing Director, Microsoft Digital World-wide
  • Miha Kralj – Managing Director, Accenture
  • Joseph Williams – Governor Jay Inslee‘s ICT Industry Sector Lead
  • Pablo Junco – Director, Worldwide Apps Solutions Strategy, Microsoft
  • Peter Lin – R&D Director, NGD
  • Daniel Haudenschild – CEO, Swisscom Blockchain
  • Peter Van Leeuwen  – Innovation Manager, KPN New Business
  • Dr. Zhiniang Peng – Security Researcher, Qihoo 360
  • Harry Pierson – Program Manager for Xlang, Microsoft
  • Dr. Chris Berg – Senior Research fellow, RMIT Blockchain Innovation Hub
  • John Wang – Ecosystem Growth Manager, NGD
  • Tamar Salant – Ecosystem Growth Manager, NGD
  • Sergei Liubich – Co-founder & Managing Partner, NSPCC
  • Anatoly Bogatyrev – Co-founder & Technical Director, NSPCC
  • Igor Machado Coelho – Co-founder, NeoResearch
  • Vitor Nazário Coelho – Co-founder, NeoResearch
  • Liu Yongxin – Founder, NEL & NNS
  • Dr. Junda Liu – Co-founder, Celer Network
  • Zhou Yan – Technology Director, Onchain
  • Fabio C.Canesin – Co-founder, CoZ & Nash
  • Stephen Hyduchak – CEO and Co-founder, Bridge Protocol
  • Alex Guba – CTO, Bridge Protocol
  • Alan Fong – Co-Founder, | NEO – NEP-5 Co-Author
  • Sean Chen – Founder, Blacat
  • Rayman Yang – Lead Architect and Senior Blockchain Advisor, NeoWorld
  • Mark Jeffrey – Co-Founder & CEO, Guardian Circle
  • Joe Zhou- Co-founder, Jarvisplus
  • Eric Wang – Co-founder, Archon
  • Chris Qi – CTO , Alchemint
  • Tyler Adams – Founder, CoZ & Moonlight
  • Bryan Myint – Managing Director, Republic

What are your thoughts on the Developer Conference in Seattle, Washington, being hosted by the team at NEO? What are your expectations of the event? Please let us know in the comment section below. 

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