New Chapter on BCH "Twitter Wars": Bans, Blocks, Insults, and 3 Proposals Claiming to be "The Real Bitcoin" 10

New Chapter on BCH “Twitter Wars”: Bans, Blocks, Insults, and 3 Proposals Claiming to be “The Real Bitcoin”

The Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community is witnessing a war between its most important figures, who seem to disagree in the future that this controversial altcoin will pursue after some modifications were proposed, causing a strong debate that seems to be worsening every day.

Ever since Amaury Sechet, one of Bitcoin Cash’s leading developers proposed a change known as pre-consensus, the split of opinions and controversy began to create a strong sense of division in the community.

Amaury’s expulsion from the BCH Slack group was the start of a recent wave of controversy in which intolerance led the “leaders” behind the popular altcoin to bans, blockades, insults and discredits, weakening the image of solidity they sought to build since BCH was officially born as an altcoin forked out of the original BTC’s blockchain.

When Bitcoin Cash was born, one of the most significant premises was to create a blockchain with a higher level of scalability by increasing block size. The proposal was supported by a group of miners with strong hashing power.

Craig Wright
Craig Wright

Let The BCH Games Begin

However, after Craig Wright, a well-known BCH advocate famous for his claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto — a statement that earned him the nickname of Faketoshi within the community of cryptocurreny users — proposed a fork and spoke against Jihan Wu, accusing him of leading the whole blockchain to a centralized state; users split into 2 groups. But it was the way of “debating” what has generated another black chapter within the community:

One of the characters who posted some controversial tweets was Cobra, admin. In one of his controversial statements, Cobra says that his own  “Cobra-Client”, a BCH UANF (Bitcoin Cash User Activated No Fork) implementation, follows the true philosophy of the original Bitcoin, and is the best way to avoid a split in the chain. He commented that Bitcoin ABC (actual client) and nChain’s proposals are simply “scams.”

Likewise, in a previous tweet, he criticized the hypocrisy behind those who advertise BCH as “Bitcoin” while promoting a series of changes in the BCH blockchain; a scenario which precisely led to the BTC fork that gave birth to BCH

Craig Wright: Jihan Wu Will destroy Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

A few days later, Craig Wright also tweeted that Wormhole, a proposal backed by Jihan Wu, is an implementation that would likely destroy Bitcoin Cash:

Jihan Wu: Craig Wright is “a liar, fraud, plagiarist and an imbecile”.

For his part, Jihan Wu posted a tweet attacking Craig Wright for his positions. In the same post, he attached an article in which they refer to Craig Wright as “Faketoshi.”

He also retweeted a comment referring to Craig Wright as “a liar, fraud, plagiarist and an imbecile.”

Cobra: Jihan Wu and Roger Ver are Bad Leaders

Although Roger Ver has not spoken out, his traditional stance makes Cobra suspect of an “alliance” between him and Craig Wright, so he tweeted blaming him in part for the community’s bad times. He also said, this whole “mess” is a consequence of Jihan and Ver’s actions:

After this soap opera, Jihan Wu unfollowed Cobra and blocked Craig Wright.