New, Redesigned Tron (TRX) Website Unveiled 10

New, Redesigned Tron (TRX) Website Unveiled

As the focus and attention in the Crypto-verse is on the Consensus Summit currently ongoing in New York City, The Tron (TRX) Main Net launch is still cruising along to the May 31st launch date and is firing on all cylinders. The Tron Website has received a new overhaul as we edge towards the the set date that is exactly two weeks away.

The new website design was launched just yesterday and announced on the Tron medium page. Once you open the new Tron Website, you are met with the new chosen color by the Tron foundation: red. The color has been chosen over the previous blue because red represents the project’s technological culture of passion, dedication, exploration and persistence. Red traditionally has been associated with energy, passion, desire and love: qualities the Tron team and project has exhibited from day one.

Also to note from the new website design is that the minimalism has been retained in the fonts, icons and buttons. The countdown to the MainNet launch has been reduced to the number of days at the center of the site. This further portrays the minimalism theme of the site.

New, Redesigned Tron (TRX) Website Unveiled 11
Simpler MainNet Countdown

The new design also features linear elements and angular letters found in the entire site. There is an enhanced interactive user experience with an easier feel as you navigate throughout the pages. There is a real time notification on the progress of the project on the site including a map of where the global nodes (111 in total) are located. A real time update of the token’s performance in the markets with a tally of the number of users/owners of the tokens (1,083,598 at the moment of writing this) is also available.

One can also find the latest and best Tron news on the website and also links to the various social media pages of the project.

Current market analysis puts TRX at the number 10 slot according to market cap as demonstrated on TRX has also been hit by today’s decline in value of the crypto-markets and is trading at $0.0653 and down 9.64% in 24 hours.