Now You Can Find Love (or Have Fun) Spending Crypto on Tinder 14

Now You Can Find Love (or Have Fun) Spending Crypto on Tinder

If you love cryptocurrencies, and you are also a die-hard romantic, today you can merge your two great passions. Now the dating app Tinder accepts crypto payments thanks to Bitrefill.

Now You Can Find Love (or Have Fun) Spending Crypto on Tinder 15The ad was published a few days ago on Bitrefill’s website, a wise decision considering the proximity of Valentine’s Day… and perhaps the loneliness of many traders after a year of losses due to a bearish 2018 (kidding).

On their official website the team at Bitrefill mentions that although Tinder is free, it uses a system that allows clients to pay for certain additional benefits (contact a more significant number of people, see who liked your profile, give more super likes, etc.). In this way, by spending a little amount of your tokens, you can considerably increase your chances of finding love, or at least have a good time while Cupid knocks on your door:

“Did you know that you can pay for your premium Tinder subscription with cryptocurrency? Well, now you can! Tinder is the #1 dating app, and the top-grossing mobile app in the world. Millions of people are using Tinder’s Plus & Tinder Gold memberships to find their next date or long-term mate.”

To buy the services, there is no need to make any special deposit, just buy a Google Play or Apple iTunes gift card so you can later make an in-app purchase and upgrade your membership.

The cryptocurrencies supported are Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dash (DASH) and Dogecoin (DOGE).

Now You Can Find Love (or Have Fun) Spending Crypto on Tinder 16Although Bitrefill announcement refers specifically to Tinder, the truth is that after having redeemed your Google Play / Apple iTunes voucher, any application allows the purchase of additional content or payment for subscriptions, so using crypts to improve the experience in almost all apps within the Android or iOS ecosystem is possible.

If you want to have a guaranteed date during these days, Bitrefill can be your best ally. According to a report published a few hours ago by the Evening Standard, Tinder increased its download rate by 10% last Valentine’s Day, with a whopping 26% in the UK. Likewise, the following days the downloads increased more than 14%, there were 6% more matches and 5% more conversations.

So good luck and happy swiping!