OceanEx: The VeChainThor (VET) Centered Exchange Is Now Live 10

OceanEx: The VeChainThor (VET) Centered Exchange Is Now Live

The cryptocurrency communities of both VeChainThor (VET) and OceanEx (OCE) have something to celebrate as we usher in the last month of 2018. The reason for this celebration is that only yesterday, November 30th, the Beta version of the OceanEx exchange went live.

The announcement was made via the following tweet by the team at OceanEx.

Dubbed version 1.0 or simply Beta, the exchange has listed Bitcoin (BTC), Etheruem (ETH), VeChainThor (VET), VeChainThor Token (VTHO) and Tether (USDT). The trading pairs currently available are as follows:


The deposit function on the exchange is currently available with the team promising to update on when users can start using the withdrawal function.

OceanEx ‘Early Voyagers Plan’ to Reward the Community

To kick off trading at the exchange, OceanEx has unveiled what is known as the Early Voyagers Plan to give back to the community for their support through the journey of developing the platform.

The first part of the plan will commence immediately and will run till the 13th of December. Known as the Beach Landing, it is further categorized into two as follows:

  1. Early Voyager’s Treasure Chest (5,000 OCE per box with 15 Million OCE available) – Users need to have registered an account before the launch and deposit 100,000 VET to last through December 13th (no withdrawals)
  2. Freshman’s Treasure Chests (8,000 OCE per box with 15 Million OCE available) – users can register a new account, deposit 100,000 VET with no withdrawals. There is also the requirement to complete user verification (KYC)

The second part of the plan also runs till the 13th of December and is known as the Lucky Chest of VET Deposits. Every 24 hours, the first 5 voyagers (traders) who meet the following requirements will be awarded a Lucky chest worth 10,000 OCE

  • Deposit at least 50,000 VET per time
  • The last TxID number of this deposit is 7

Existing Roadmap for OceanEx

The team at OceanEx had earlier given the following precise roadmap for the exchange.

  • OceanEx CryptoCup [Alpha Test] goes live (1st week of November)
  • OceanEx 1.0 (Beta) goes live and covers full trading function (November)
  • OceanEx 2.0 goes live (Q1 2019)

Therefore, the first quarter of 2019 is when the exchange will probably launch new features and launch additional coins and tokens on the platform.

Possible Impact On the Value of VET and OCE

As more tokens for blockchain projects are created on the VeChainThor paltform, OceanEx will become the choice platform where they will be listed. This in turn means that VET and OCE will slowly but surely become the preferred base currencies on the exchange alongside the regular base currencies of BTC, ETH and USDT.

Such exposure for VET and OCE with the accompanying trade volumes, will most likely impact the values of the digital assets in a positive way.

What are your thoughts about the OceanEx exchange going live? Do you think it will be a game changer for VET? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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