With Over 40% Rise, Zilliqa (ZIL) Surpasses Top 10 Coins 10

With Over 40% Rise, Zilliqa (ZIL) Surpasses Top 10 Coins

Although it maintains its 31st position in the coin market, a position it just reached this week, Zilliqa (ZIL), dubbed the “world’s first high-throughput public blockchain platform”, is receiving accolades from the cryptocurrency space for its unwavering stand in the face of tribulations and attacks.

Zilliqa, with many coins falling as if it is wartime, continues to gain value in the market surging with 40% without any noticed sign of nose-diving. This percentage is not known with any top 10 coins as of today, and as far as I know.

As at the time of writing this article, the trade value of Zilliqa is $ 0.139. There is a tendency, going by what is obtained in the crypto market, that Zilliqa heads to the moon.

When the cryptocurrency space returned to its bullish trend, there was fear that some coins won’t follow the trend, Zillaqa, despite the fact that it was at the back before, begins to move forward and analysts and observers are saying there is tendency it moves closer to top 20. 

Partnerships Worth Mentioning

Any coin that intends success in the cryptospace must fight for partnership. This is the same with Zilliqa. The cryptocoin has partnered with the Singapore-based insurance company, and to cap it all, some other insurance firms are planning to join in the partnership. When it partnered with consultancy firm, Dellotie, and insurance company, FWD, the insurance platform had to test its insurance protocol on the blockchain technology after the partnership.

There is a high tendency, with Zilliqa’s unending partnerships, that it rules the world of insurance, the same way Ripple is ruling the banking world, especially in Asia, if unable to coast the whole world.

Available on Exchanges?

Zilliqa is trying hard to gain listings on exchanges. Not long, it was listed on Koinex and Gopax, with the move increasing the value of the coin in the crypto market.

What Is Zilliqa?

Although Zilliqa began in 2015, the project just got prominence this year with awesome functions and partnership. It is invented to solve hard problems of blockchain technology which reduces wide acceptance i.e. scalability and transaction time.

Zil, the cryptocoin of Zilliqa, is referred to as a currency token on the Zilliqa blockchain, which aims to issue security and scalability problems of blockchain technology by deploying proof of work as authorizing protection and not as consensus mechanism.

New Milestone Reached!

Zilliqa has reached a milestone of $1 Billion market cap. It is the second to achieve this milestone in Singapore after Qtum did.