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Place Tron (TRX) 4th in Coinmarketcap and Have an Ecosystem Larger Than Ethereum: 2 of The Goals for 2019 set by Justin Sun

Tron seems to be one of the most successful cryptos regarding media presence and technology development. Since its creation, the blockchain oriented to the decentralization of contents through the internet has gained more supporters every time, making it one of the ten most important cryptocurrencies of the global market cap.

As a good disciple of Alibaba creator Jack Ma, Justin Sun has been able to set quite ambitious goals for such a young blockchain and meet them within the stipulated timeframes. This level of effectiveness has earned him a certain level of credibility and support in a growing community of fans and investors.

Tommy Mustache, a very popular and active twitter within the community of crypto users, recently published a tweet briefly recounting Tron’s evolution, comparing the achievements of 2018 and the goals for 2019. For Tommy Mustache, the fact that Justin Sun had accomplished such ambitious milestones in the past is a good sign that in this new year, the goals of the man in charge of Tron will also be met.

Place Tron in Coinmarketcap’s Top 4

Although this goal appears to be quite ambitious, it is not impossible. Tron has gone from 43rd place in the global market cap at the end of October 2017 to 11th place exactly one year later . After having taken off, it has managed to remain in the top 15 taking into account a few sporadic fluctuations. Tron currently ranks 10th in the global market cap.

To occupy the fourth place currently held by Bitcoin Cash ABC, Tron would have to double its market cap. While BCH ABC has 2.8 Bn USD of Market cap, Tron has 1.4 Bn USD.

Place Tron (TRX) 4th in Coinmarketcap and Have an Ecosystem Larger Than Ethereum: 2 of The Goals for 2019 set by Justin Sun 1

Make Tron’s ecosystem larger than Ethereum’s

Justin Sun has adopted a strategy of using Ethereum as a reference for its goals. In the last year, Justin Sun had already committed to developing a blockchain with more TPS processing capacity and met it. This year’s purpose of making Tron grow in adoption implies a direct competition against the very essence of Ethereum as a product; however, Tron’s ecosystem has had an accelerated growth, with dapps of greater popularity than those of Ethereum’s according to data from dAppRadar.

Bring BitTorrent 100M to the Tron blockchain

This goal seems to be even more accessible than the previous ones, although it is still very ambitious. As covered by Ethereum World News, it was recently announced that Tron is about to develop a token for BitTorrent running on its blockchain, thus confirming that they could be close to meeting this critical objective, which if achieved could, in turn, provide a strong capitalization that raises TRX several positions above the list of CMC.

Justin Sun, a man quite active in social networks, retweeted this information, passively confirming the info. The Tron Foundation also did the same, with no denials of any kind.

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