Pornhub is "Cheating" on XVG and Flirting With Another Crypto 10

Pornhub is “Cheating” on XVG and Flirting With Another Crypto

When Verge announced a partnership with Pornhub, the news spread like wildfire. Inside the crypto sphere, everyone had some reaction, whether it was a joke or a serious one. Some analysts predicted a rise in prices – which indeed occurred – while others were in charge of analyzing the possible implications that this alliance could bring for a massive adoption in the markets.

“The future has cum.” That was the slogan with which Verge’s team announced the partnership, showing a futuristic commercial in which a senior man talked to his son about how Verge became the most widely used crypto ever.

And if some may think the idea is strange, it is important to note that according to ABC News, porn is bigger than the NFL, the NBA and Major League Baseball combined, while other reports calculate the industry revenue in 97 Billion Dollars a year, almost the same as Bitcoin’s total market cap.

However, it seems that the much-anticipated partnership did not imply exclusivity, and the adoption by Pornhub had no significant consequences.

In the same vein, some critics mention that there is, in fact, no “partnership” but a new form of payment.

Another argument that leads to the conclusion that Pornhub has no significant interest in XVG is the fact that the adoption could have been paid for:

The bad news keeps coming to the Verge’s community which after facing two major hacks, now faces competition in the world of pornography.

Vice Industry Token (VIT): The New Hot Crypto That Is Rocking The Porn Industry

AVN winner and Porn Director Anna Lee released a tweet inviting to a casting for the 2018 Pornhub games:

One would expect that after a partnership, Pornhub’s preferred cryptocurrency would be XVG, but the payment is being offered in VIT, leaving XVG aside.

Vice Industry Token gathered 26,927 ETH after completing its ICO. The team behind it aims to cover the needs of the adult industry.

Notably, Playboy and Penthouse had previously announced that they would accept payments at VIT, giving the new crypto a high level of credibility.

Another famous female porn star, Stormy Daniels also accepts VIT on her website, so it looks like VIT would be the coin-of-choice for porn lovers.

Currently, Verge has a market cap of USD 622,949,988 with a value per token of $0.041536 while VIT has a market cap of USD 5,277,528 with a cost per token of $0.022871.