Real-Time Blockchain Monitoring Platform Offers Advanced Threat Detection to the Market

Real-Time Blockchain Monitoring Platform Offers Advanced Threat Detection to the Market

With the growth of cryptocurrencies and other digital assets in recent years, so has the number of hacks. As the volume of threats increases, so does the need for the right tools to identify and take preventative measures.

Reputationally as well as financially, hacks and phishing scams can cause costly damage to cryptocurrency users and businesses that can turn into the millions; what is needed is a platform that helps mitigate that risk.

Introducing PARSIQ – The Blockchain Monitoring Platform

Launched in Tallinn, Estonia on June 7, PARSIQ is a revolutionary new intelligence platform that seeks to minimise fraudulent attacks and hacks through the real-time analysis and monitoring of blockchains.

Lessening the prospect of a disastrous loss of corporate and financial trust, PARSIQ addresses the fundamental problem of incursions by not only monitoring blockchain events but also providing valuable insight and more importantly the analytics tools needed to track and reverse thefts.

As cryptocurrency market manipulation increases and new blockchain related projects hit the sector the need to reduce risk across the board is becoming paramount. PARSIQ helps to boost investor and partner confidence – perfect for ICO investors, businesses and cryptocurrency traders.

Your Real-Time Blockchain Intelligence Partner

With most on-the-market platforms, such as block explorers, lacking the automation, deep analysis and reporting needed to identify a hack early on – PARSIQ offers to monitor not only in real-time but also at scale.

Whether you are a developer, trader or ICO investor, the platform gives a piece of mind as well as the benefit of identifying and mitigating threat at a distance. With a range of flexible tools at your disposal including user-designated Smart-Triggers, alerts, and reporting.

Predicting market movements and gaining the competitive advantage is key for the cryptocurrency traders of today, PARSIQ delivers insights into any potential market manipulation and for cryptocurrency projects investors – the ability to finance a new startup with the knowledge that the project maintains business integrity.

Many attacks go unnoticed for some time, by that time the damage is done – PARSIQ is your partner in the wild west of the crypto space.

Enhanced Security Through Technology

Through its innovative query language, ParsiQL – PARSIQ and allied technologies, such as Smart-Triggers give advanced notice of a threat.

Enhanced mempool monitoring allows the user to overcome the problems of poor tooling and creates the means needed to not only track but also react to new transaction attempts before they are even included in a block.  

According to Hendrik Henrikson, Chief Business Development Officer at PARSIQ:

“Right now, the effort and complexity associated with block explorers mean that blockchains remain opaque. With PARSIQ, we are simplifying blockchain analytics, allowing automated triggers or complex logic conditions that act in real-time to give new insights and extended levels of monitoring that are currently unavailable.”

PARSIQ simply extends automation and fraud detection to the mempool level of the blockchain.

Platform Piloted with BRZ Token & CoinMetro

With the aim of boosting compliance, KYC and system auditing, PARSIQ is already piloting its innovative tech with the market-leading stablecoin, BRZ Token and a cryptocurrency exchange, CoinMetro.

With leading stakeholders already utilising PARSIQ products to ensure AML compliance, the security of blockchains and system monitoring – prevention, as they say, is better than cure!

Detect threats early with PARSIQ and reduce your risk.

About PARSIQ: PARSIQ is a next-generation blockchain monitoring and intelligence platform. PARSIQ’s solution listens to all blockchain activity and builds a fully indexed representation of what happens in a particular block segment. It goes beyond the current solutions, with new innovations such as mempool monitoring and ParsiQL, a query language that helps you react in real-time to different events or specific transactions across blockchains.

The technology protects against unauthorized blockchain events, its market intelligence capability gives new insights into blockchain trading activities and with forensics, it can deep dive into criminal activity that has taken place on the blockchain. Find out more at

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