Ripple tendencies For 08/11/2017 More Bearish? 10

Ripple tendencies For 08/11/2017 More Bearish?

As we see from the above chart right now the Ripple Foundation is slowly going south, with more Bearish signals, price breaking below 0.18000 , so the downtrend is underway, maybe taking Ripple down to the 0.16000 level next. But still buying pressure might return and allow the uptrend bullish to resume.

Ripple Tendencies for 08112017 More Bearish

As for Bitcoin it has been outpacing most of its Cryptocurrency peers in the past few days as the network upgrade also introducing SEGWIT (Segregated Witness) has allowed it to handle much more transactions, reducing potential bottlenecks, increasing its demand and usage among investors and institutions compared to the likes of Litecoin and Ripple.

So Ripple might be losing its edge.