Ripple (XRP) HODLers Amongst The Most Optimistic 10

Ripple (XRP) HODLers Amongst The Most Optimistic

The current Ripple (XRP) rally in the markets is reminiscent of what happened last year around 10th December, 2017, when Ripple was valued at $0.24 and up 3,900% from previous levels of $0.006 only a year earlier. What would then happen in that December of 2017, and less than 5 months ago, is that Ripple would skyrocket to its peak value at around $3.83 on January 4th as Ripplers awaited news of a Coinbase addition of XRP. However, the listing did not happen, but Ripple HODLers did not lose hope even as the price of XRP dropped, for they are one of the most optimistic crypto communities to grace the Crypto-Verse. They are also one of the biggest community in terms of numbers.

According to the online Merriam Webster dictionary, Optimistic is defined as feeling or showing hope for the future. The Ripple community exhibits just that every hour of every day. As earlier mentioned, the Ripple community is large. The Ripple Telegram group is 61,951 strong. The project has two Sub-reddit pages on Reddit with followers in the tune of 185,107 and 21,258 respectively.

The community members are always eager to share news about partnerships, developments in the project and sound-bites from the top management of Ripple, including the CEO Brad Garlinghouse.

These selfless acts by the community members are done come rain or shine: even when Ripple prices are tanking, they will still be optimistic. If the Ripple prices are shooting to the Moon, excitement is always evident in the community members.

Perhaps the biggest and largest show of support and optimism of the project can be seen through the online store that specializes specifically in Ripple merchandise. makes sure there is constant supply of Ripple T-Shirts, Hoodies, Gifts and Merchandise for the ever expanding community.

The Merchandise website team states that:

“People all over the world are starting to wake up and take notice of Ripple, its crypto currency XRP, and its push for innovation. The current financial system is about to change for better and for always. Now you have a unique opportunity to spread the message of positive digital change by physically wearing it yourself.”

This vision of XRP changing the global financial system is alive in all Ripple HODLers. The Moon is the final destination for this coin and project. All that is needed is a pinch of patience as the rest of the Crypto-verse is converted to being Ripple Believers.

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