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Ripple XRP Partnering up with Hyperledger for the Best Use of Blockchain

The San-Francisco based startup Ripple [XRP] has just announced a partnership with Hyperledger – an open source initiative, marking an important step on unfolding the infrastructure for their long-term view of the Internet of Value. Both firms were very confident about the collaboration as it comes from companies that are based on the blockchain era.

Hyperledger is an industry-wide open source initiative to advance Blockchain technology, governed by the Linux Foundation. Hyperledger also tweeted the same stating, 14 organizations from India to Switzerland, BVIs to Spain are investing in open blockchain and distributed ledger technologies.

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With the aim to improve and advance even further blockchain technologies in general around the industry, the open source collaborative effort Hyperledger was created. The community has risen to the number of 231 organizations joining in more than 25 countries in a global-range.

Parallel to its growth in new members, the value and significance as a multi-stakeholder and multi projector has risen accordingly, holding 10 business blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. A very impacting event related to the above mentioned initiative was the release of Hyperlerdger sawtooth 1.0 as it built up a momentum of confidence around the community end of Jan.

The technical steering committee recently accepted Hyperledger Caliper, a blockchain performance benchmarking tool and to add on, the fabric version 1.1.0 was released just last week. This caliper permits users to measure the performance of any specific blockchain implementation with used cases that are predefined.

While the price is currently not the best way to sell XRP, Ripple has decided to donate $ 29 million to American schools. The website DonorsChoose.org was able to promote American school projects. Ultimately, Ripple has decided to finance all 35,000 projects.