Ripple (XRP) Still Holding Steady After Santander Adoption News 10

Ripple (XRP) Still Holding Steady After Santander Adoption News

Our beloved Ripple (XRP) is still basking in the glory of the Sandtander Announcement of a new money transfer service that will utilize Ripple’s xCurrent software. To add to the above, the markets are generally in the green after All Hell Broke Loose On Bitcoin (BTC) on Thursday when it pumped an impressive $1,000 in less than an hour.

Bitcoin (BTC) is still holding well above $8,000 and trading at $8,130 at the moment of writing this. Ethereum is also steady at $510. Ripple (XRP) is still stable and strong at levels of $0.658. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is edging closer to touching $800 with the current value of $758. Litecoin (LTC) and EOS (EOS) still continue their battle for the number 5 spot with a narrow market cap difference of approximately $200 Million. Litcoin is still ahead and trading at $128 with EOS being valued at $8.88.

Going back to Ripple and Santander, the new international payment service that will be using xCurrent, will be available to retail customers in Spain, UK, Brazil and Poland. These countries will set the stage for a bigger roll out of the service to more countries across the globe. The service has been dubbed as Santander One Pay FX and promises same day international money settlement services.

Ana Botín, Executive Chairman of Banco Santander, is quoted as saying:

“One Pay FX uses blockchain-based technology to provide a fast, simple and secure way to transfer money internationally – offering value, transparency, and the trust and service customers expect from a bank like Santander.”

xCurrent is defined as an enterprise software solution that enables banks to instantly settle cross-border payments with end-to-end tracking. Using xCurrent, banks message each other in real-time to confirm payment details prior to initiating the transaction and to confirm delivery once it settles. It includes a Rulebook developed in partnership with the RippleNet Advisory Board that ensures operational consistency and legal clarity for every transaction.

With the new service of One Pay FX live and active, Ripple continues to make banking easier across the globe and attracting other banks to follow suite in integrating their payment settlement solutions.

Quoting the numerous Ripplers (Ripple HODLers), XRP Is The Future!

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