Ripple Will Have to Fight for Important Levels

Ripple’s Use As A Coin, Will Be Key To XRP and Overall Crypto Adoption

The beauty of being a Reddit user is that sometimes you are caught up learning new things on all the communities available over there. The XRP reddit community is no exception. The newest and best news and information about Ripple (XRP) can be found there. One of them happened to slip through the radar of many XRP enthusiasts but not Ethereum World News.

In a Reddit post 7 days ago, Reddit user losouno, posted on the XRP Subreddit page a story about how he had just paid for a haircut using XRP. Imagine that?!

Ripple's Use As A Coin, Will Be Key To XRP and Overall Crypto Adoption 10
                                                      Reddit user, losouno, paid for a haircut with XRP

So why is this random act of payment relevant?

Firstly, this might be one of those events that kick off a new pattern of mass crypto adoption and in particular, the use of Ripple (XRP) by regular folks like you and I, in the payment of goods and service on a peer to peer level. No more cash registers. No more credit cards. It is all about two people transacting seamlessly on the blockchain. In this case, the XRP ledger allows for fast transactions (3.3 seconds), low transaction fees ($0.0004 per transaction) and secure on the blockchain.

So what is preventing mass adoption?

Well, this is very simple. Not too many people have walked away from ‘The Matrix’ that is the regular way of conducting transactions. We are still hung up on using cash, banks, checks, credit cards and debit cards. We are still in ‘The Matrix’. But not for long. Crypto adoption is moving faster than anyone had envisioned.

Proof of this, is the current trend of top Wallstreet firms patenting blockchain technology and even musing on creating their own Crypto exchanges. With respect to the latter, the parent company of the New York Stock Exchange, ICE (Intercontinental Exchange), has been rumored to be warming up to Bitcoin and the entire crypto-verse with the prospect of having its own crypto exchange.

In conclusion, we are in the depths of something revolutionary and we hold the key to crypto adoption by actually using the crypto for transactions. It is very much tempting to HODL, but if this industry is to flourish, we have to use our Crypto. And XRP seems to be the perfect choice in bringing crypto adoption to the world as can be seen with the case of the haircut payment.