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Ripple’s XRP Dominates the Market: Joseph Lubin Ethereum Co-Founder Adds on the Firm

Co-founder of the second-in lead by market capitalization Ethereum – Joseph Lubin, noted out his thoughts on Ripple‘s tech and EOS. Interviewed for Bloomberg.

When Mr. Lubin was asked about the current crypto-environment and the market, more precisely about networks and protocols that would give decentralization or speed for security, he remained unfazed while replying:

“Ripple isn’t really a Blockchain technology, it’s sort of a payment system, so I don’t really consider that a competitor,”

While for EOS he added:

“a slightly, maybe slightly, decentralized approach at building a Blockchain system.”

The slightly quality was labelled to EOS as Joseph Lubin described the decision-making system of twenty one people that know each other:

“EOS is an interesting technology but it’s incredibly dangerous to treat it as a layer-one technology,” he continued, disagreeing his perspective was “geek speak for the death of EOS.”

Ripple’s XRP

However, on the other side with the San Francisco based blockchain giant signing down three partnerships with leading exchanges, the token XRP is leading paired with US Dollar with 9.78% increase in the last 24-hours.

Ripple Token

Source: coinmarketcap

Ripple (XRP) enthusiasts have long been complaining that Ripple, the overseer of the altcoin finds more use cases for the cryptocoin, saying many of the partnerships sealed by the company were not in favour of XRP.

Now, Ripple (XRP) has danced to their tune. The blockchain company announced that xRapid, which is one of the most viable tools for cross-border payments, and majorly powered by XRP, has sealed a deal with three exchanges.

Ripple has partnered with U.S.-based Bittrex, Mexican Bitso, and Philippine Coins.Ph cryptocurrency trading platforms within its initiative to build a “healthy” ecosystem of digital asset exchange.