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Ripple’s (XRP) Internet Of Value Vision And The $1 Question

The past week has been an exciting one for our dear Ripple (XRP) in the crypto markets. We saw XRP trading at $0.65 on Monday and an exciting $0.93 by Saturday, April 21st. This is a wonderful leap of 43% in less than a week. XRP is currently trading at $0.86. But this is normal for trading on Sunday is usually slow. Ethereum World News had pointed this out only 2 days ago.

The theory goes that on Sunday’s less traders are on the online exchanges than the usual weekdays and hence a notable reduction in trade volume as many opt to cash out at the end of the week. This is because Sunday has been traditionally viewed as a day of rest for many people across the globe.

Therefore, if the weekly patterns are to go by, tomorrow – Monday – will be the day Ripple sets its pace for the week. It is highly possible for us to see $1 per XRP the coming week and around Thursday, 26th April. However, the markets have ways of shocking us with news announcements that are released every minute of everyday. Sometimes the news is good and causes a pump in the markets: and sometimes the news is drastic enough to cause a market crash.

One of these good news announcements, is the recent revelation of Ripple’s vision of the Internet of Value. The vision highlights and is summaries in the following quote:

“The emerging Internet of Value is beginning to radically improve our payments experience. The financial counterpart to the Internet of Information, the Internet of Value is the ability for value to be exchanged as easily as information. Just as speed and access to information on the Web have expanded knowledge, so will an Internet of Value bring down the cost of financial services, speed up money transfer, and deliver access to the furthest reaches of the world. This Internet of Value will effectively democratize finance.”

This means that in the current digital and electronic age, you could be sitting in Costa Rica and doing business with a farmer in Malawi. Payments on the blockchain and smart contracts guaranteeing that your transactions are frictionless, fast (XRP transaction speed – 3.3 seconds) and secure. This means that we will be continually connected on a peer to peer level, and the cost of goods, services and transactions, will drastically reduce.

This vision will only be made possible if crypto and blockchain adoption continues with the current momentum. This will transfer the control of financial transactions, back to the users through decentralization and as envision by Satoshi Nakamoto.