Robinhood Might Be Working On a New Crypto Wallet To Integrate With Its App 10

Robinhood Might Be Working On a New Crypto Wallet To Integrate With Its App

One of the many reasons cryptocurrency enthusiasts can sort of tell what a particular crypto company is up to, is by reading in between the lines of any job advertisement by such a company. With respect to Robinhood, the company has recently posted a job ad for a Crypto Engineer.

Key duties of the Crypto engineer as outlined by the job advertisement are:

  • Build out new functionality for our crypto product, such as adding new currencies or providing wallet functionality
  • Utilize blockchains for new features or infrastructure
  • Design a solution with other engineers and the ops team to fix a scalability problem and then implement it
  • Act as a manager or tech lead, depending on past experience

It is with the first job requirement that we can deduce that Robinhood is probably working on a Cryptocurrency wallet of its own. The job ad goes on to describe the following as additional skills.

  • Strong overall engineering skills that you want to bring to crypto
  • 1+ years of blockchain / crypto development experience – either personal or professional
  • Solid understanding of relational databases and transactions
  • Good intuition for REST API design
  • Prior experience working with distributed services

According to information from a Robinhood spokesperson, users of the platform have been constantly asking for a simpler more efficient way of moving cryptocurrencies into the app from other platforms. This might be the reason why one of the additional skills required for the job, is good knowledge of REST API design to allow for the communication between different crypto platforms as well as the Robinhood App to its wallet. Having a wallet integrated with the trading App, will allow for a safer, secure and more efficient ways for the users to trade on the platform.

The Robinhood App has been hailed as a game changer for all trading on the platform are entirely free. The firm is now valued at over $5.8 Billion after it announced that it had raised $363 Million in an investment round back in May. The firm is currently in the process of expanding trading services across the globe with Australia being the first country outside the United States. The app is currently available in 13 States in the US.