SBI Virtual Currencies Officially Added to Ripple's Online XRP Buying Guide 10

SBI Virtual Currencies Officially Added to Ripple’s Online XRP Buying Guide

The crypto-community can be applauded for never missing a development with respect to their favorite coin, token or crypto project. One such member of the Ripple (XRP) community is twitter user @XRPSPEED who can be credited as noting that Ripple’s website has added SBI Virtual Currencies to its online XRP Buying guide.

Further investigating JT’s observations yields the same results plus more. Ripple has also added Satoshi Citadel Industries (SCI) as a ‘coming soon’ source of XRP. The latter company is based in the Philippines and is a startup FinTech company that is building Blockchain services and products for the purpose of financial inclusion in the Philippines. The company is establishing multiple products and services on the blockchain for the country.

SCI deals with payment processing, international remittances, investments and mobile money payments. One can only muse at the possibility of a mobile app developed by SCI and using Ripple’s xCurrent, that will be as fast and efficient as the currently working Santander App.

SCI has one such app: Rebit.  The App currently runs on the Bitcoin network allowing for the transfer of funds globally as well as other payments of payroll, monthly bills and the easy loading of personal cellphones with prepaid talk time.

The company had also announced in May last year, that it was working on integrating XRP support across several of its services. In the announcement SCI stated that:

SCI will soon start supporting Ripple’s XRP across several of our services. Starting with, our users will be able to buy and sell XRP with Philippine Pesos fast, safe, and easy, with support on for remittances and for mobile money to follow in future integrations.

This means that the liquidity of XRP will continue to deepen with the listings on the SBI Virtual Currencies exchange as well as being available on Satoshi Citadel Industries’s various platforms later on this year.

Current market analysis indicate that XRP is still stable at current levels of $0.52 with a slight decline of 0.63% in the last 24 hours. With the new week less than a few hours away, a lot of traders and HODLers are hoping it will bring with it the much needed crypto-market recovery.