Scammers Target Zilliqa (ZIL) With Fake Airdrops 10

Scammers Target Zilliqa (ZIL) With Fake Airdrops

In the spirit of community awareness on the activities in numerous cryptocurrency communities, Ethereum World News saw it fit to highlight a possible online scam peddling itself as an Airdrop for Zilliqa (ZIL).

The Telegram administrator of the Zilliqa chat group had this to say about the activity:

“Security advisory
Dear community members,

We are aware of ongoing scam attempt that involves the use of phishing website. The website in particular is asking for user’s private key information in order to participate in Zilliqa airdrop. Please note that this is a scam and there is no airdrop. Stay safe.”

Further investigation yields another Telegram Chat group that calls itself Zilliqa Airdrop. Many members of the official Zilliqa chat group have found themselves mysteriously added to this splinter chat that promises 3,000 ZIL for every 1 ETH that you hold.

I was once told by my good friend who is an entrepreneur that ‘When the deal looks too good, run like a cat on fire.’

As hilarious as the above statement might sound, it applies 100% to the supposed Airdrop mentioned above. All Zilliqa members are once again cautioned through the official Zilliqa Twitter handle, which has embedded that there is no airdrop on its display name.

Scammers Target Zilliqa (ZIL) With Fake Airdrops 11
Zilliqa Twitter Handle

Zilliqa (ZIL) is a revolutionary project with a new blockchain platform that is designed to scale in transaction rates. As the number of miners increase on the Zilliqa network, its capacity to process transactions also increases. This is made possible due to a unique character of the platform known as sharding.

Sharding divides the mining network into smaller shards each capable of processing transactions in parallel. This solves scalability and reduces instances of congestion in the blockchain network as was once witnessed by the launch of Crypto Kitties on the Ethereum platform.

Current market analysis puts Zilliqa at a very reasonable price of $0.125 and down 8.46% in 24 hours and at the moment of writing this.

Please remember to do your own due diligence whenever there is an AirDrop announcement or even when researching ICOs.