Spend Ripple (XRP) in More than 40 Million Locations Across 180 Countries

Gravitating towards lows, crypto asset prices may be stuck in the winter. Luckily, it is localized and days after announcing their support for Litecoin and DASH, now supports XRP. XRP is the native currency of the Ripple Ledger. If anything, this is massive more so in Ripple Inc eyes.

Through their executives, the company has been trying everything they can not only in availing the coin to the masses through exchanges and making it base in some firms and exchanges, but on the regulatory front, demonstrating that the coin is indeed a utility and in no way security subject to SEC rules.

Ripple (XRP) at Spend

Because XRP is now available at, XRP coin holders are now spoilt of choice. They can, going forward, spend their stash in more than 40 million locations spread out in 180 countries. The broad expenditure base has been made possible mainly because have a partnership with Visa. As a result, Spend Cards–Debit or Credit, can be used anywhere in the world where the Visa sign is visible.

What’s more, fees are near negligible and before expenditure, XRP is converted to fiat on the fly. Besides, is designed for businesses and their service that will roll out in Q2 2019 may further boost crypto adoption. The new service, Spend Business would be a cut above the rest.

Aside from their comprehensive API that connects to their Spend Business SDK allowing users “a full suite of access” to run their businesses, Spend will have scalability in mind with high reliability of up-to 99.9 percent. Furthermore, businesses would access Spend service from anywhere in the world with option of opening Checking or Saving accounts.

Spend Business and Loan will Further Spur Adoption

Straight from the Spend wallet, users can store, spend and send more than 16 cryptocurrencies from their virtual or physical cards. Benefits don’t stop there, within the app, there is a currency swap capability with crypto to crypto or fiat to crypto conversion capability. Add that to the platform’s priority ensuring compliance via adherence to KYC rules, fund security measures are unparalleled. Spend employs the AES encryption with PCI DSS Level 1 Certification.

Furthermore, you can secure loans from Spend and depending on your credit ratings, you can borrow money with average interest rates of 11 percent. All the same, this feature is only available at some region and is subject to their approval.

For crypto success, XRP superior qualities must not only attract financial institutions but normal day-day users. When such a day comes, then Brad Garlinghouse projection would have come to pass and their decoupling from BTC would have begun. Aside from, Bitcoin Superstore is where you can buy merchandise with XRP in more than 200,000 stores.