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Stellar (XLM) Achieves 1 Million Active Accounts Milestone, 25 million Payments

The unmatched performance of Stellar Lumen (XLM) calls for crypto celebration. The cryptocurrency has accomplished landmark milestones that are worth standing ovations.

At the moment, Stellar has achieved the 1 MILLION active accounts MILESTONE its lovers have long been expecting. It also achieved over 3,300 assets, 25 million payments, and 8 million trades along with it.

When one looks around, the beautiful performance of Stellar XLM is everywhere in the cryptocurrency space. Recently Coinbase announced it is exploring some assets. Of the cryptos mentioned, observers are of the opinion that Stellar stands out and may reach the exchange ahead of any other crypto considering its outstanding performance, lately.


It is possible to be wondering that what has Stellar put forward to be winning in the cryptocurrency space as noticed today. I am going to take readers down the memory lane to keep us all inundated with Stellar Lumen’s unbeatable achievements.

IBM Backed StableCoins, Stronghold USD,  Launched on Stellar

Stellar received a major boost with the launch of Stronghold USD on its platform. This may not be seen as anything, but an observer of the crypto space should understand how mighty this is considering the involvement of IBM.

In a conversation with Reuters, IBM’s vice president of the global blockchain, Jesse Lund said, “IBM will explore use cases with business networks that we have developed, as a user of the token. We see this as a way of bringing financial settlement into the transactional business network that we have been building.”

Shariah Compliance Certification

The Shariah compliance Certification places Stellar ahead of other cryptocurrency in the Middle East. This is a great opportunity for Stellar who might have captured the heart of people in that enclave before other cryptocurrencies begin to the seek Shariah compliance certification.

While crypto lovers may be wondering on which of the cryptos Coinbase said it is exploring will receive the gesture of been listed on the exchange, there is no doubt that Stellar has more reasons to be given credence.