Step Inside a Massive Ethereum Farm Powered Entirely by Renewable Energy
HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd. (CNW Group/HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd.)

Step Inside a Massive Ethereum Farm Powered Entirely by Renewable Energy

Right now, in an undisclosed location in northern Sweden, industrial-strength computers are at work cracking the codes to unlock new cryptocoins and strengthen the blockchains upon which they are secured. It may sound like an operation shrouded in secrecy—but HIVE Blockchain’s new mining farm is not as mysterious as it might seem.

In fact, the large-scale mining operation is available for tour by the public, thanks to a 360° VR tour experience that just launched.

Last week, HIVE Blockchain (TSX.V: HIVE) released a 360° VR tour inside of their massive Swedish mining farm. This particular farm can currently power over 24 MW of computing power with another 20 megawatts planned for September

Those who are still unclear on how cryptocurrency works can see for themselves that there’s no actual mining involved. And for those who are clearer on the details of crypto mining but still want to witness what a massive store of crypto mining computers at work looks like, this 360° experience is a unique opportunity.

Industrial-scale crypto mining operations are rare. But it’s even rarer that those operations’ management offers the public a glimpse into their round-the-clock operations through an experience as immersive as virtual reality.

The 360° experience is part of HIVE’s aim to help clear up any blockchain-related confusion through transparent operations that allow unprecedented access into their facilities by anybody who is interested. That means a virtual trip over the snow-packed forests of northern Sweden and into the halls of a cutting-edge mining operation.

To take the 3-minute interactive tour inside their newest mining farm, click HERE.

(Please note that the VR experience is not viewable from a mobile browser and must be viewed on either the YouTube app or from your desktop.)