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SuperWorld AR Real Estate token is like playing Monopoly in the Real World


SuperWorld has successfully launched a decentralized application (DApp) that allows people to
buy and sell Augmented Reality (AR) Real Estate on the Ethereum blockchain. Utilizing the
ERC721 standard, a user can go on to the SuperWorld platform and purchase the rights to any
available plot of land on their real world map interface.

When a user buys a plot of land, they are buying an ERC721 token that corresponds to the
unique latitude and longitude polygon they have selected. Similar to last years wildly successful
Crypto-collectible game CryptoKittes, when someone buys a piece of AR real estate they are
buying a unique, non-fungible piece of the blockchain.

People are already spending Ethereum to buy up prime tourist locations like the Eiffel Tower
and Times Square. “It’s real world monopoly – you buy the plots of land you think will be sought
after in our AR future” says the SuperWorld team. Over 220+ prime locations have already
been sold!

SuperWorld believes that in the near future, AR glasses will become commonplace and
advertising will move from mobile phones and billboards, to wearable headsets and dynamic AR
displays. The team plans on creating a decentralized ad network where advertisers will be able
to access and serve ads on all AR Dapps hosted on the platform.

The app is available now and requires a browser with a wallet (ie MetaMask, Cipher, or Brave).

SuperWorld’s telegram group is at:

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