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Support Continues by Exchanges for TRON (TRX) Mainnet Launch-Migration

Tron’s mainnet launch countdown has started. The Main Net migration has been set and scheduled for May 31st 2018. The Tron platform is sure to excite the crypto-verse with its vision of building the infrastructre for a truly decentralized internet.

The platform will be scalable, with high availability, high throughput and developer friendly to allow easy creating of Decentralized Applications. Keeping in mind that the second in lead Ethereum [ETH – which is looking very bullish now] has been mayor of smart-contract town, but it does seem like with the protocol from Tron supportive of Smart Contracts, there will be much action and competition going on.

Founder of TRON – Justin Sun, on May 1st tweeted about the successful airdrop which initiated on April 27 for the complete Ethereum community which is very highlight-material as TRX is a ERC-20 token that runs on the Ethereum platform.

Cryptocurrency asset exchanging platform will be continuing to support Tron [in return, increasing demand, and adding value].

One of the exchanges that is in the lead out of various platform in a global-range: (owned by Gate Technology Inc.) which is acting in more than 100 countries while being very famous for its safety and simplicity to trade BTC [Bitcoin #1 by market capitalization]. For 5 years that it is offering blockchain-related services and products and trading, they were delivered at very high-quality. Now, it is embracing Tron and showcasing full support.

With the event of the Main Net commencing, Tron will be the world’s largest blockchain currency if we go by user base numbers. It will be just as big as Ethereum and Bitcoin, but it has the potential to become an even bigger ecosystem. It already has a hundred million users and support from some very relevant partners.