Survey: Most Crypto Investors Want Their Salaries Paid In Bitcoin 10

Survey: Most Crypto Investors Want Their Salaries Paid In Bitcoin

A majority of employees doubling down as crypto investors are not happy about employers who have no crypto payment option. That’s according to a survey conducted by ChronoBank, a startup company in the HR sector. According to the survey, these employees would be much happier if their employers were willing to dish out salaries in cryptocurrrencies. The survey involved about 445 people.

About two-thirds of these people expressed their willingness to accept salaries in cryptos, but a third of those interviewed were skeptical that companies based in their countries, especially in the US, will actually embrace the idea of remitting payments in cryptocurrencies. The more interesting fact is that over 80% of the respondents said that they would like to be paid their bonuses in cryptocurrencies.


However, only a slim majority (about 52%) of the respondents interviewed said they’re willing to let the taxman hack off a fraction of their crypto payments. In fact, 65% of the respondents in the US are willing to pay their taxes, but only about 30% of those in Russia would entertain that idea. About 60% of the younger interviewees said they’re open to paying their dues to the taxman.

According to the CEO of ChronoBank, Sergei Sergeinko, the fact that 72% of the respondents would like employers with crypto payment options speaks volumes, especially because these people are bound to favor such employers the next time they’re offered a job. To bridge that gap, employers need to step up and come up with a way to accommodate crypto payment options for their employees.


One main factor that puts most people in favor of crypto payments is the hope that their value will increase as the market expands. In fact, more than half of the people who were asked about it said that they would hold their digital assets and wait for them to appreciate in value instead of conducting transactions.

However, one major setback is the fact that most people aren’t conversant with the regulatory policies governing cryptocurrencies in their countries. They’ll still in the dark about whether or not their countries allow salary payments in cryptos. Despite that, most of the respondents expressed optimism that blockchain and cryptocurrencies will soon be adopted as a secure payment method, with 57% of them agreeing that such a development would spur economic growth in their countries.

The respondents contacted for the survey were based in Russia, Australia, the US, and a few other countries. Of these, 40% were between the ages of 25-40, 92% were males, and 75% we already in employment.