Famous Thai Actor "Boom" Jaravijit Arrested for Multimillionaire Crypto Scam 10

Famous Thai Actor “Boom” Jaravijit Arrested for Multimillionaire Crypto Scam

On August 9, Bangkok police arrested Thai actor Jiratpisit “Boom” Jaravijit, 27, in Chatuchak district for engaging in a money-laundering scheme worth approximately 797 million Baht, about 24 million US Dollars.

Mr. Jaravijit's arrest.
Mr. Jaravijit’s arrest. (Police Photo)

According to information provided by the Bankok Post, the actor was at the Major Cineplex Ratchayothin complex shooting a film when the police arrested him. The Criminal Court issued a warrant for his arrest on July 26 for alleged collusion in money laundering.

The press release says that Mr. Jaravit approached a Finnish businessman and proposed a deal to him. Apparently, he and his gang chose the victim after learning that he possessed large amounts of Bitcoin.
The victim who goes by the name of Aarni Otava Saarimaa was convinced to send a significant amount of money in Bitcoins (BTC) under the condition that the funds would be used to buy shares in companies that had invested in Dragon Coin’s ICO.

Supitcha Jaravijit
Supitcha Jaravijit. courtesy: Bangkok Post

Mr. Saarimaa explains that after the transaction he became suspicious because he had not received any document of share-selling nor had been invited to the meetings of any of these companies.

This situation prompted him to file a complaint with the Thai authorities, culminating in the arrest of Jaravit and seven other individuals, including his elderly brother Parinya Jaraviji and Supitcha Jaravijit, his elder sister.

Other four subjects who are “well-known businessmen at the Stock Exchange of Thailand” may also be involved.

The Thai newspaper says that a multimillion-dollar scam carried out by using cryptos, made it quite difficult to trace:

“The complainant told police at the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) that 797 million baht worth of bitcoin was transferred to the suspects’ e-wallets. The complainant never received any dividends from the claimed companies nor an invitation to their shareholders’ meetings.

It was also disclosed that the “companies” did not invest in Dragon Coin and that the suspects repeatedly sidestepped questions when quizzed about what was happening.”

As explained, Jaravi would have sent the funds to some relatives’ wallets. The Police have already impounded assets worth about 200 million baht.

Mr. Jaravi has denied the charges and is waiting for a prompt defense. The Bankok Post reports he was “temporarily released the actor on a 2-million-baht bail bond on condition he does not leave the country”