The Case For Reddcoin (RDD) Is Growing Strong 10

The Case For Reddcoin (RDD) Is Growing Strong

There is no denying that we live in a world of social media where likes, upvotes and retweets are common in our day to day activities. We always love sharing memes discovered randomly on the net. We love commenting on all Reddit posts that are good or bad. We love making noise on Telegram when a comment is wonderful on a Telegram chat group. This is where Reddcoin (RDD) comes in to monetize all those activities and give users on all these social media platforms, an incentive to post more creative and original content with the prospect of being tipped in RDD.

Reddcoin is a social coin that was designed to be used over all these social media platforms to tip users for their unique content.Currently, there is a Reddcoin tip bot for Telegram, Reddit and Twitter. Querying the RDD Telegram tip bot lets me know that I have accumulated 34 RDD on the platform and at the moment of writing this. I am yet to amass any RDD tips via the RDD Twitter Tip Bot but I am sure I will with time. Crossing over to Reddit, the tip bot informs me that I need to register to claim the RDD tipped to me. I then need to use the +info command to find out my balance which currently stands at 10 RDD.

All this is amazing and has the potential of motivating a community where posts are more creative and purpose-based instead of all the ‘hating’ and ‘bullying’ evident on the web.

Current market analysis puts RDD at a price of $0.0098 and down 8.87% in 24 hours. The coin is ranked 72nd on and has a circulating supply of 28.8 Billion. The high supply and almost zero transaction fees allows for the coin to be ideal for use on social media. There exists several price predictions for the coin but all of them depend on the adoption of the crypto in more social media interactions.

It is time to accelerate the adoption of Reddcoin (RDD) on social media.